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1 ICOTS (Interstate Compact Offender Tracking System) Attachments Training.

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1 1 ICOTS (Interstate Compact Offender Tracking System) Attachments Training

2 2 1. When you select lifetime or specific registration, the attachment area will appear. 2. Click the browse button 3. Select the file and click open Sex Offender Registry Information

3 3 This will appear once you have successfully attached the document.

4 4 Conditions of Supervision Select Special Condition, then attach conditions. All conditions can be in one attachment.

5 5 This will appear once the conditions are successfully added.

6 6 A front facing photo must be attached. Make sure the offender is recognizable from the photo. Offender Photograph

7 7 The boxes appear checked once you have been in the section; it does not guarantee that you have completed it. Once you have entered all information, you can upload the Offender Application and everything will be filled in.

8 8 Click Download Offender Application, print the application and have it signed and dated by offender and witness. The application does not need to be attached, but the original must be retained in your office. Offender Application

9 9 This is what the screen will look like once the application is successfully attached. You may view the PDF to be sure it is correct.

10 10 If you see the green box, the transfer request has been successfully submitted to your supervisor for review.

11 11 Reminders If you have started an action and you do not complete it, the system will save it in your Compact Workload and you can access it from there to complete it DO NOT ADD ANOTHER STATES OFFENDER!!!! DO NOT CLICK THE RED WITHDRAW BUTTON!!! Search for an offender prior to initiating an action; only add the Minnesota offender if they are not already in the system

12 12 Rule 3.107 Transfer request form; Instant offense in sufficient detail to describe the type and severity of offense and whether the charge has been reduced at the time of imposition of sentence; Photograph of the offender; Conditions of supervision; Any orders restricting the offenders contact with victims or any other person;

13 13 Any known orders protecting the offender from contact with any other person; Information as to whether the offender is subject to sex offender registry requirements in the sending state along with supportive documentation; Pre-sentence investigation report, if available; Supervision history, if available;

14 14 Information relating to any court-ordered financial obligations, including but not limited to, fines, court costs, restitution, and family support; the balance that is owed by the offender on each; and the address of the office to which payment must be made The Offender Application for Interstate Compact Transfer shall be maintained in the sending state

15 15 Additional documents, such as the Judgment and Commitment, and any other information may be requested from the sending state following acceptance of the offender. The sending state shall provide the documents if available. Sex Offender information is still required –Assessment information –Social history –Information relevant to offenders criminal sexual behavior –Law enforcement report providing specific details of the sex offense –Victim information (name, sex, age & relationship) –Current or recommended supervision and treatment plan

16 16 Instant Offense Details Should be attached under the Pre- sentence Investigation Reports tab Most often provided via an attachment of a police report, criminal complaint or pre- sentence report Also include sentencing information to indicate whether the charge has been reduced

17 17 Once you click Yes, the New Record box will appear Click the Browse button to find the file on your computer Once you have attached the file and entered a description, click the Add button

18 18 Additional Information Attach additional documents you believe are important even though they arent required by rule Only attach documents in one place –Once attached, you can refer to it but do not attach it in another area

19 19 Conditions of Supervision Standard conditions as well as any special conditions are required –Select the Special Condition option in the drop down menu –Provide a description –Attach the document –Click add If nothing is selected, the default is Alcohol/Drug Treatment

20 20 ICOTS is designed to HELP complete required steps Agents still need to know the ICAOS Rules

21 21 Attachments Can take place by either typing (or copying and pasting) directly into the description field or by browsing computer files and uploading (attaching) a document to the system –In both instances, remember to click the Add button

22 22 Case Closure Replies A reply is now required for all case closures The reply will close the case whether you agree or disagree with the closure Please indicate in the comment section whether you agree or disagree with the closure so the Interstate Unit knows if the reply should be forwarded or not

23 23 Enter comments here indicating whether or not you agree with the closure.

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