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Search Engine Optimization (SEO) 101 Mike Volpe VP PRSA Travel and Tourism Annual Conference May 6, 2009.

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1 Search Engine Optimization (SEO) 101 Mike Volpe VP Marketing @HubSpot Twitter: @mvolpe PRSA Travel and Tourism Annual Conference May 6, 2009

2 Outbound Marketing

3 Outbound Marketing is Broken 800-555-1234 Annoying Salesperson

4 The Bad News… 4

5 The Good News… 5

6 Inbound Marketing BlogSEOSocial Media

7 Threat and Opportunity 7 1950 - 20002000 - 2050

8 Budget vs. Brains

9 Inbound Marketing Convert Get Found Publish Promote Optimize Convert Test Target Nurture ProcessTools Get Found Content Mgmt Blogging Social Media SEO Analytics Convert Offers / CTAs Landing Pages Email Lead Intelligence Lead Mgmt Analytics

10 Search Engine Optimization 3,000 searches per second Publish more content Optimize your content Promote your content

11 Organic Search is Best Free More traffic Smarter people Longer lasting Organic Results 75% of clicks Pay Per Click – 25% of Clicks Source: Marketing Sherpa and Enquiro Research

12 Pick Your Keyword Battles 12 vs.

13 Pick Your Keyword Battles 1. Search volume 2. Relevance to your business 3. Competition “marketing” “internet marketing” “internet marketing software startup founded 2006 in cambridge, ma” 13

14 SEO On-Page Off-Page

15 On-Page SEO Page Title Clean URL Headers & Content Description

16 Attractive: Humans vs. Google 16

17 SEO Competition for Your Brand 17

18 Off-Page SEO Recommendations from friends 1. “I know HubSpot” 2. “HubSpot is a marketing expert” 3. You trust the person saying this Links are online recommendations 1.A link: 2.Anchor text: Internet MarketingInternet Marketing 3.Link is from a trusted website

19 Comparative SEO Data 19

20 How Many Tickets Do You Have?

21 What to Publish? Blog Podcast Videos Photos Presentations eBooks News Releases Anything…

22 Where to Publish?

23 Promote Your Content to Get Links

24 What is the role of PR in SEO? 24 Get more links for your client by creating and promoting content.


26 Page Title: “Internet Marketing Software | HubSpot” Page Title: “Website Grader SEO Tool”

27 Links in News Releases 1. Use keywords as anchor text 2. Also have full URL link 3. Match keywords to SEO of target page 4. Link in first 100-200 words 5. Be wary of links to other websites 6. Remember the other 99% of your website besides your home page

28 Links from PR 28 Links from major media and top blogs are 100 times better than news release links.

29 Post News Release in Blog Format Post on your website – use blog RSS Feed Subscribe by Email Tags Automatic Archive Publish RSS Titles on Homepage, etc.

30 Wire Service Tips 1. Verify you can use anchor text links (different link text in each release) 2. Use lowest price / distribution (online distribution does not change) 3. Multimedia / SMNR limits your syndication, so use sparingly


32 SEO Measurement

33 Website Grader

34 SEO Rankings

35 Traffic, Leads and Customers VisitorsLeadsCustomers SEO5,28975412 Blogging834723 Social Media511281 Visitors from SEO

36 Case Study: Reynolds Golf Academy

37 The Results Blog Subscribers Site Visitors & Leads

38 Thank You! Mike Volpe HubSpot VP Marketing Twitter: @mvolpe PRSA Travel and Tourism Conference May 6, 2009 (Press Release Grader)

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