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Factors Affecting Climate

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1 Factors Affecting Climate
LAME COWS Factors Affecting Climate

2 in Brazil! The tropics always get my direct rays!
L = Latitude The closer you get to the equator, the hotter it gets = Gee it's hot in Brazil! The tropics always get my direct rays! Low Latitude = high Temp Middle Latitudes= seasonal temperature Higher latitudes= lower temperature

3 Tilt of the earth creates the Seasons
June 21, Summer Solstice

4 A = Air Mass Polar air moves towards tropics, tropics move to poles
When two air masses meet= wind, storms, fronts

5 M = Mountain Barrier the Orographic Effect
Blocks air & moisture windward leeward Leeward Side Rain Shadow Let’s draw this!

6 Windward side of the Cascades
Leeward side of the Cascades Rain Shadow

7 E = Elevation The higher you go, the colder and drier it gets
Temperature drops 3.5 degrees per 1,000 feet increase! 75 °at bottom -28° 47° temp at top 3.5° (from formula x 8 (mt. highth) 28°

8 C = Continental Location- Continentatlity
Location : Center of continent. Not influenced by proximity to water. Water and land heat and cool at different rates which affects temperature and precipitation.

9 When a place is completely surrounded by
land. (landlocked) and away from water! St. Louis is hotter than Houston in the Summer Experiment: Bucket of sand vs. a bucket of water. Which one will heat up quicker and will have a higher temperature?

10 O = Ocean Currents Gulf Stream Warm water moves away from the equator
Cold water moves away from the poles North Atlantic Drift Gulf Stream

11 W = Winds – pressure and prevailing winds
High pressure is heavy, cold air Low pressure is light, warm air. Heat rises- cool falls convection!! Prevailing winds- consistent pressures and winds


13 S = Storms When air masses hit they create storms.
The type of storm depends on the type of air mass. Tornadoes - Fujita-Pearson scale- F0= 40-70mph F5= around 300mph

14 S- Storms. Seasonal storms will greatly influence the climate of a place.
Hurricanes- Atlantic O, Gulf of Mexico Typhoons- Pacific O. Cyclones- Indian O. Monsoons- the seasonal shift in winds that affect South Asia.

15 Arid Climate


17 Using your textbook what factors contribute to the cities below?
Fargo, North Dakota Paris, France Calcutta, India Santiago, Chile Canberra, Australia

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