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Chapter 17 Foreign Policy

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1 Chapter 17 Foreign Policy
American Government

2 Foreign Policy Defined
Relations with other nations that includes economic, security, and environmental issues. The President oversees foreign policy The state department handles day to day operations

3 Isolationism to Internationalism
For more than 150 years, domestic affairs were key, what was happening at home mattered most. Foreign affairs were of little or no concern. Isolationism, the refusal to become involved in the issues of the rest of the world Since World War II- U.S. policy has focused on those who promote isolationism staying out of others business Aggression with a goal of world peace Afghanistan, Iraq Internationalism-Positive economic relations with other countries

4 Foreign Policy From Independence Through World War I
Monroe Doctrine (1823) Established U.S. as premier power in West Good Neighbor policy Latin America 1930’s-Trade Relationship Open Door Policy China 1899-Trade relationship

5 Two New Principles Collective Security
Collective security, involves a world community in which most nations would agree to act together against any nation that threatened the peace. Deterrence Deterrence is the policy of making America and its allies so militarily strong that their very strength will deter—discourage, or even prevent—any attack.

6 The Defense Department
This chart shows the chain of command of the American military services.

7 The CIA and the INS The CIA The INS
Responsible for collecting, analyzing, and reporting information for the President and the NSC. The INS Enforces immigration laws and requirements and administers benefits to immigrants.

8 Foreign Aid Foreign aid—economic and military aid to other countries—has been a basic feature of American foreign policy for more than 50 years. Red Cross is an example of an international humanitarian organization which helps provide relief to foreign countries in need.

9 Alliances NATO The North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO) was formed to promote the collective defense of Western Europe. A regional Security Alliance G8 Leaders of industrialized nations Discusses current issues France, Germany, Italy, Japan, Russia, the United Kingdom and the United States NAFTA North American Free Trade Agreement Mutual Trade Agreement between US, Canada and Mexico Kyoto Treaty Signed in 1997 Aimed at fighting global warming US is not a member, 187 other countries are

10 The United Nations Formed in 1945
Stop war and provide a platform for dialogue between nations 192 member nations Headquartered in New York City THE US’s Role- Promote Peace around the World Improve living conditions Support Human Rights of all people

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