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Chapter 3 sec. 4 Origins of Judaism.

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1 Chapter 3 sec. 4 Origins of Judaism

2 Palestine Phoenicians lived here
Romans named the area Palestine(philistines) Canaan- Home of the Hebrews(this land was promised to them in the Bible) They will be a major influence on Western culture- also Islam,Christianity

3 Jerusalem Holy city for all 3 major religions Always trouble here
All feel it is “their land”

4 Geography To the east-Babylon,to the west-Egypt
Seaports on the Mediterranean Sea, Red Sea These are the most important waterways of the time!


6 How do we know about this culture?
Bible-The first 5 books of the Bible tell us This is called the Torah Most sacred writings of their traditions Christians call them the old testament

7 Abraham The father of the Hebrews He lived in Ur
God tells him to go to Canaan He goes there about 1800B.C. 1650B.C. his descendants go to Egypt

8 Hebrews are monotheistic
Yahweh-I am your only god They believe he has power over all Not a physical being Abraham promises to obey god God will then protect them This is called the Covenant

9 Moses/Egypt Jews go to Egypt fearing drought/famine
Joseph/amazing Technicolor dream coat They are eventually forced into slavery Jews flee Egypt -The Exodus Moses is the one that leads them to safety-The parting of the sea 10 commandments-the basis of jewish law Given to Moses by God


11 The twelve tribes of the Hebrew nation
They were nomads They return to Canaan/become city dwellres 12 tribes live in separate territories/self governing Tribes will unite in times of crisis

12 Jewish laws The 10 commandments are very much like Hammurabi’s code
Prophets interpret laws Emphasize equality You should live life “justly”

13 The religion of the Jewish people
Judasim The religion of the Jewish people

14 Sacred writings Hebrew Bible Contains basic laws Stories,writings
Tells of Jewish history Calls for repentance

15 Talmud Written version of Jewish oral laws Explains/interprets Mishnah
Mishnah is the encyclopedia of Jewish history

16 The Kingdom of Israel Jews will move no./so. From Canaan
Tribes are getting smaller Eventually only Judah tribe is left Hence the name Jews/Judasim Saul drives the philistines out of palistine David, very popular, unites the tribes Jerusalem is the capital,a dynasty begins


18 King Solomon David’s son Most powerful of Hebrew kings
Helped by Phoenician king to build a trading empire He will build a great temple to glorify God/ and hold the 10 commandments

19 The kingdom divides Massive temple co$ts big money
High taxes,forced labor is the result Much discontent King Solomon dies,north part of kingdom revolts,splits the empire North-Israel South-Judah They will fight each other, sometimes join to fight another

20 The Assyrians Mighty empire
No./So. Pay tributes so they will not be attacked Doesn't work-Assyrians conquer Samaria,the capital city 722B.C.whole north was under Assyrian control

21 Babylonians The south(Judah) is able to hold on for 150 years more
Babylonians.Assyrians King Nebuchadnezzar destroys the temple,conquers Judah,586B.C. Jews exiled to Babylon 539B.C.-Persia conquers Babylon

22 King Cyrus He tells Jews to go back to Jerusalem,rebuild their temple
Some go, some stay 515- Jews build a new temple

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