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Geneva High School Seniors Requesting Electronic Transcripts & Teacher Recommendations using Naviance!

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1 Geneva High School Seniors Requesting Electronic Transcripts & Teacher Recommendations using Naviance!

2 Follow us on Twitter @GHS_CA

3 GHS Counselors Mr. KingA-Bk Mrs. PoolBl-Dra Mrs. KlattDre-Hen Mrs. DotyHeo-Ln Mrs. AfridiLo-Pam Mrs. MitchellPan-Sm Mrs. HolbrookSn-Z

4 Counseling Office Support Ms. Thompson Career Counselor Ms. FordCounseling Intern Ms. HansonRegistrar Mrs. SchwerSupport Staff Ms. PerrySupport Staff

5 Steps to Request Transcripts 1. Complete and SUBMIT the online application for your college/university. 2. Use Naviance to request official transcripts 3. Bring completed the “Records Request/Application Verification Form” and any supplemental forms to the Counseling & Advising Office

6 College Applications University/College Application (2 yr/4 yr) Common Application Self-Report Watch deadlines!

7 Naviance Login to Naviance by doing one of the following: Go to GHS website & click on “Naviance Login” Use the Intranet & click on “Naviance” Go to


9 . After successfully logging in, click on the “COLLEGES” tab

10 Next, click on “Colleges I’m Applying To”

11 Common Application Complete “Common App Account Matching” on Naviance

12 To request transcripts, click “lookup” to add colleges you have applied to then click “Request Transcripts”

13 Once you request your transcripts, you will receive a confirmation number

14 Final & Required Step for Requesting Your Official Transcripts Complete the “Records Request/Application Verification Form” and bring it to the Counseling & Advising Office (found in the document library on your Naviance home page) ***Keep in mind this is a 2 part process.*** Your official transcripts will not be sent until the Counseling & Advising Office receives your “Records Request/Application Verification Form”


16 Request Official Test Scores ACT Scores: SAT Scores:

17 Request Transcripts for NCAA 1. Register for NCAA Eligibility 2.Complete Records Request Form (Do not request on Naviance!)

18 TEACHER RECOMMENDATION REQUESTS 1.Request letter of recommendation from teacher—Allow at least 2 weeks notice! 2.Complete Senior information Survey on Naviance. (About Me Tab) 3.Request Transcripts 4.Add “Teacher Recommendation on Naviance”


20 Select the teacher in the drop down menu, add a personal note to the teacher, then click “update requests” to request the recommendations.

21 Additional Points to Note SendEdu does not replace our transcript request procedures Self-reporting schools require final transcripts at the end of senior year. You must send your official ACT/SAT scores directly from

22 GHS College Visits


24 Click “Sign me up”

25 Print the Confirmation to use a pass to the Counseling and Advising office

26 Local Scholarships Please check Naviance, found in “Colleges” tab, on a regular basis for updated Local Scholarships! Check each scholarship to see if you qualify!

27 Miscellaneous things to remember from your Junior Conference… Check email regularly SuperMatch in Naviance to search colleges Check college requirements Continue college visits Waubonsee’s College Night: October 5 th from 6-8 pm on the Sugar Grove Campus – Chicago College Fair: Sept. 26 th from 11:00 to 3:00 at Navy Pier Retake ACT or SAT, if needed

28 Misc. (cont.) Watch application deadlines Allow time for recommendations and transcripts Scholarship Search on Naviance Financial Aid: Complete the FAFSA (Free Application for Federal Student Aid) after January 1 of senior year at NCAA: For Division I and II eligibility, see requirements/procedures at

29 When you should come see the career counselor, Ms. Thompson… Career Center Services Individual Consultations Career Exploration Resume and Interview Assistance Help with Naviance and Career Cruising Job Shadows Senior year Career Internship Job Board Postings Stop into the Career Center during your lunch/study hall or fill out an Appointment Request Form on my desk in the Counseling Office Ms. Thompson’s Hours Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday 10-1:30 Thursday and Friday 7:30-10:30

30 A copy of this PowerPoint will be made available on the GHS website under the Counseling & Advising tab. Also, an “Overview of the Application Process” is on your Naviance homepage


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