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Navigating Your Senior Year Using Naviance Family Connection.

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1 Navigating Your Senior Year Using Naviance Family Connection

2 Objectives Today you will learn how to: Log in to family connection Search for colleges Request a transcript Sign up for college visits Search for scholarships Build your resume

3 Naviance Family Connection A comprehensive web-based resource that supports career and college planning for the high school student Has been used in the past for College Research Student Data (test scores, GPA, etc.) Scholarships Scattergrams

4 Naviance Login Click on school’s website. Click on “Counseling Department” Click on “Family Connection” In the login screen, enter Student Number as User ID Password is six-digit date of birth with no spaces MMDDYYYY (ex.01221995) After you log in the first time, change password and keep in safe place.

5 Naviance Login

6 How to Log In

7 Once you’ve submitted the correct username and password, you will be brought to the home screen with a welcome message. There are four tabs to choose from: Colleges Careers About Me My Planner

8 Naviance Family Connection

9 The College Tab in Family Connection

10 How to Search for Colleges Click on “College” tab and go to “College Research” Click on the hyperlink that says “College Search”

11 College Search

12 Information on Specific College

13 Colleges I’m Applying To

14 How Do I Compare?

15 Scattergram

16 How to Sign Up for College Visits To sign up for college visits, just click “Upcoming College Visits” under “My Colleges”

17 Upcoming College Visits Once in College Visits screen, click on Sign Up if you would like to attend a session with an admissions counselor from your selected school.

18 Applying for Scholarships Apply early! Some deadlines are as early as October! To search through Naviance, click on “Scholarship Match” under “Scholarships and Money” Provides a list based on your profile (GPA, test scores, gender and ethnicity)

19 Scholarship Match

20 Scholarship List

21 To Request a Transcript in Naviance Login to Naviance Select “Colleges” tab at the top of page Go to “Resources” on left-hand side of page and click “Transcripts” hyperlink 3 options under transcripts: Request transcript for my college applications Request transcript for scholarships or athletics View status of all my transcript requests

22 Requesting Transcript (Cont’d) For college requests, select type of application and select “lookup” for the name of college you have applied to Click request transcript Print a copy of transcript page for your records ALLOW TWO WEEKS TO PROCESS TRANSCRIPT REQUEST!! The first three transcripts are free. All transcripts after the first three are $5.00 per transcript. Bring payments to the counseling secretary BEFORE transcripts are sent. Midyear and final transcript are free of charge; they are included with initial transcript

23 Transcripts

24 Transcript Status

25 Applying via “The Common App” Go to and set up your Write down your Common App username (e-mail)-You MUST establish a Common App account in order to submit electronically Add your college that you are applying to via The Common App Click on “Assign Recommenders” (sidebar) and the FERPA agreement appears. FERPA HAS TO BE SIGNED before you can go forward. Log in to Naviance and match your Common App e-mail to your Naviance account.

26 Update Your Resume for Recommendations Go to “About Me” tab Under “Interesting Things About Me”, click on “Resume” (bottom of left-hand column) COMPLETE YOUR RESUME PRIOR TO REQUESTING A TRANSCRIPT This way your counselor will be able to view this information and include in your secondary counselor report (goes with transcript to the college you apply) You can also print copies for other recommenders

27 The About Me Tab in Family Connection

28 Resume

29 What You Should Be Doing Right Now: Complete that resume! Start searching for colleges based on your best fit. Select your school of interest and research what it takes to get in. Research scholarships you are eligible for and start applications early! Deadlines! Keep those grades up because your senior year counts!

30 References Website- Website- connection/ connection/

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