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WELCOME TO SENIOR PARENT NIGHT The College Application Process.

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1 WELCOME TO SENIOR PARENT NIGHT The College Application Process

2 SHS GUIDANCE STAFF Mr. Jim Collins:A-E Ms. Kaitlyn Orsborn:F-K Mr. Ryan Wilhite:L-R Mrs. Dana Mitchell:S-Z Mrs. Jen Bohinc Mrs. Rochelle Fenlon:Secretary Phone:937-748-3950

3 SENIOR YEAR FOCUS Grades Rigor of Senior Schedule ACT / SAT Extracurricular Activities Update Resume NCAA Clearinghouse and Athletic Eligibility Apply!

4 HOW DO COLLEGES EVALUATE STUDENTS? Academic record: –GPA and class rank –Strength of curriculum –Test scores Non-academic factors: –Extracurricular activities –Leadership and service –Essays –Recommendations –Awards and honors

5 Grade Point Average Final grades only Calculated at the end of each semester Calculation – –Percent grades for classes are converted to a 4.0 scale using our school's conversion chart. – –The grade on a 4.0 scale is multiplied by the credit awarded (normally 1 for year-long courses and.5 for semester courses- the only exception is PE which is.25 credit) to receive the Quality Point Value. – –The Quality Points are added together and divided by the number of credits attempted to equal the student's GPA. School’s Conversion Chart: 103-110= 5.0 (weighted classes) 101-102= 4.7 (weighted classes) 93-100= 4.0 90-92= 3.7 87-89= 3.3 83-86= 3.0 80-82= 2.7 77-79= 2.3 73-76= 2.0 70-72= 1.7 67-69= 1.3 63-69= 1.0 60-62= 0.7 Below 60= 0.0

6 THE APPLICATION PROCESS WATCH DEADLINES!!! –Admission (early decision, early action, regular decision), scholarships, financial aid, special programs (honors programs, etc.) –Early deadlines for specific scholarship consideration or honors programs.

7 EARLY DECISION Some selective schools offer an “early decision” deadline. Applications are typically due around November 1 st to meet the early decision deadline. Usually, student finds out admission decision earlier than students applying “regular decision.” Agreement to attend that university if offered admission. (This agreement is BINDING.) We recommend applying “early decision” only if student is ABSOLUTELY SURE the school is his/her top choice.

8 EARLY ACTION Some schools offer an “early action” deadline. Applications are typically due around December 1 st. Usually, student finds out admission decision earlier than students applying “regular decision.” This option is NOT binding. If student is accepted, he/she can choose to commit to the college or decline admission.

9 TRADITIONAL DEADLINES Early Decision/Early Action- usually around November 1 st /December 1 st for most schools University Financial Aid/Scholarship Consideration- usually around December 1 st. Regular Decision- usually around February 1 st for most schools.

10 SHS GUIDANCE OFFICE DEADLINES The Guidance Office requires two weeks to process application materials AND transcript requests. –November 1 st …due to the Guidance Office by October 16 th –December 1 st …due to the Guidance Office by November 11 th (Thanksgiving break) –January 1 st …due to the Guidance Office by December 4 th (Christmas Break) –February 1 st …due to the Guidance Office by January 15 th

11 THE APPLICATION: STUDENT RESPONSIBILITY Complete the application- most schools prefer that students submit the online application. If necessary, include resume and required essays. ACT/SAT scores: SHS does NOT send ACT/SAT scores. Students must contact the testing agency to request a score report. Request transcripts through Naviance. Sign the application! (electronic signature when applying online) Include application fee (check) or pay online. Submit your portion of the application to the university. SHS School Code is 364770.

12 THE APPLICATION: COUNSELOR RESPONSIBILITY Transcripts –Students must request transcripts through Naviance for each school to which they are applying. Counselor will submit a copy of your child’s transcript with the counselor portion of their application (if applicable). Counselor is available to answer questions the student may have regarding the application process. Student should sign up to see his/her counselor in the guidance office. REMEMBER: AT LEAST TWO WEEKS TO PROCESS ALL REQUESTS.

13 THE TRANSCRIPT The transcript includes: –Official grades up through the last semester completed –Official GPA and class rank through the last semester completed –Senior year schedule –SHS school profile

14 Necessary? Who should write the recommendation? –Teachers, counselors, administrators, employers, church youth leaders, etc. –Students should ask someone who knows them well and what makes them unique. Students should provide the individual with a copy of their resume to enhance the letter. –Ask in-person at least TWO WEEKS in advance of when student needs the recommendation. –Counselor will not provide student with a copy of the letter unless the person making the recommendation gives permission to do so. –Follow up with at THANK YOU note! RECOMMENDATIONS

15 What is the Common App? One application that is accepted by many universities Fill out the application one time and submit to many universities Some universities have supplemental applications/essays that are required Student MUST sign the Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act (FERPA) Waiver and match Common App account in Naviance in order for transcripts to be sent

16 The Common App

17 NAVIANCE College planning, career planning, electronic transcript request, teacher recommendations Students will receive log in information later this week. –Username- LASTNAME.FIRSTNAME –Password- Student ID # Seniors will request transcripts and teacher recommendations through Naviance. Common Application –FERPA Waiver –Match accounts in Naviance

18 click on “Schools” click “Springboro High School” click on “Guidance” link

19 Scroll down the right side of the page. The guidance web page has multiple documents and links. Click on NAVIANCE

20 Username- LASTNAME.FIRSTNAME Password- Student ID #

21 Colleges tab: Colleges I’m applying to College search options Scholarship search options

22 Click “Colleges I’m applying to”

23 If using the Common App, student must match Common App account using email address that was used when creating the Common App. FERPA Waiver is at end of the Common App! Must be completed before accounts can be matched.

24 To make a Transcript Request… Click “transcript request”

25 Look up college name

26 Search by school name Select School

27 School name appears Click on request box Can also change decision deadline type

28 Request teacher recommendations 1)Ask teacher in person 2)Send request through Naviance 3)Naviance will send email notification to teacher 4)Allow at least two weeks and provide specific deadline information 5)Follow up with thank you note

29 You can scholarship search from here as well. Up coming SHS college visits.

30 COLLEGE REPRESENTATIVE VISITS TO SHS Who and when? - An updated list of college representative visits is posted on the guidance website, the Naviance welcome page, and in the guidance office. The list is updated weekly. -College representatives visit SHS from September through November. Interested students must sign up in the guidance office at least one day prior to the meeting. Students may attend three college representative visits. Students will miss class to attend the visits and are held accountable for the work missed in class that day.

31 COLLEGE CAMPUS VISITS Students are allowed three excused college campus visits. To schedule a visit, simply contact the college admissions office to set the date, then inform the guidance office (one week ahead) of the date you will be gone. Student must submit the College Visitation Form (available online and in the guidance office). Your student will receive a second form that a university official must sign as proof of your visit. This form must be turned into the attendance office upon the student’s return to school in order for the day to be excused and not count against exam exemptions. All college campus visits should take place prior to May 1. Any college visits taken after this date will count against exam exemptions.

32 COLLEGE FAIRS College Prep Night –Wednesday, September 30, 2015 –Fifth Third Field –6:00-8:00pm Career and College Evening – –Lebanon High School – –Monday, September 21 – –5:30pm-7:00pm

33 FINANCIAL AID / SCHOLARSHIPS Financial Aid Night: Wednesday, October 7, 2015 6:00-7:00pm in the SHS auditorium. Types of scholarships/financial aid 1. Federal Aid –Current seniors are eligible to complete the Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA) on January 1. –Very important to complete this application, even if you do not think you will qualify for aid. Many universities require the FAFSA to be eligible additional scholarship opportunities. –Apply early! 2. University Scholarships –Contact the financial aid offices at the universities your student is considering for more information on scholarships available for first-year students. 3. State/National Scholarships –Scholarship search on Naviance 4. Local Scholarships –“Local” scholarship applications will be available beginning in February. Please attend the upcoming Financial Aid Meeting for more information.

34 GUIDANCE WEBSITE Please refer to the guidance website for: –Naviance link –Links to scholarships –College representative visits –College visitation forms –ACT/SAT registration link –Transcript request information –Career exploration –Parent presentations

35 QUESTIONS? Thank you for joining us this evening!

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