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The Hebrews & Judaism Chapter 2.

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1 The Hebrews & Judaism Chapter 2

2 The Hebrews and Judaism
Main Idea The ancient Hebrews and their religion, Judaism, have been a major influence on Western civilization.

3 The Early Hebrews The Hebrews were the ancestors of the Jews, and most of what we know, including the laws and requirements of their religion, Judaism, comes from their later writings. The Torah Abraham, father of the Hebrews God’s covenant – solemn promise 12 Tribes of Israel Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob were patriarchs – ancestral fathers Israelites in Egypt Hebrew Fathers Slaves in Egypt Moses – Israelite leader raised in palace Pharaoh, plagues Exodus Israelites out of Egypt Passover The Ten Commandments Moses and Exodus Israelites in desert Canaan Land of “milk and honey” Israelites battled for land Canaan = Israel Promised Land

4 Key Events in Israelite History
Abraham traveled to Canaan, 1800 BC Moses appeared among Hebrews in Egypt, 1200s BC the Exodus delivery of Ten Commandments to Moses Hebrews wander desert for 40 years invasion of Philistines to Israel, mid-1000s BC Saul named first king of Israel, mid-1000s BC David named second king of Israel, 1000 BC Solomon named third king of Israel, 865 BC

5 Kings Saul, David, Solomon
The Kingdom of Israel The Period of the Judges In Canaan the Israelites lived in scattered communities. Organized by Twelve tribes, but no central government. The judges enforce laws. Prophets, holy men believed to carry messages from God, kept Israelites focused on faith Israelites united against Philistines Saul, first Israelite king Never won full support David, second king Strong king, gifted poet Solomon, David’s son Israel reached height of wealth Kings Saul, David, Solomon Conflict after Solomon’s death Two kingdoms, Israel and Judah 722 BC, Israel fell to Assyrians 586 BC, Judah fell to Chaldeans Chaldeans enslaved Jews Diaspora - scattering of Jews Persians conquered Chaldeans Division and Conquest


7 The Teachings of Judaism
Religion the foundation of Hebrew and Jewish societies Monotheism - belief in one God Justice and Righteousness Kindness, fairness, code of ethics Obedience to the Law Ten Commandments, Mosaic Law Jewish Sacred Texts Torah, Talmud



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