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Fashion Advertising and Promotion

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1 Fashion Advertising and Promotion

2 Promotion and the Promotional Mix
What is Promotion? Any form of communication that a business uses to inform, persuade, or remind people about its products or enhance its image. It is a component of the marketing mix.

3 Promotional Mix and Fashion
What is the promotional mix? Sales Promotion Public Relations Advertising Personal Selling

4 Sales Promotion A short-term incentive used to interest customers in buying products. Two Types: Trade Promotion – occurs within an industry. A business directs this promotion to the next segment in the distribution chain. Consumer Promotion – used by manufacturing and retailers and is directly targeted to the consumer.

5 Consumer Promotion Other Examples: Fashion shows
Special Appearances by designers Trunk shows Contests Sales Premiums Free Samples Free Services (such as makeovers) Coupons offers

6 Fashion Shows Special theatrical events with live models presenting fashion apparel and accessories. Can be targeted to different audiences.

7 Public Relations and Publicity
A promotional technique that uses any form of communication to create a positive image for the business. The exposure and goodwill generated by public relations is valuable because they may promote sales and create good image. Get involved with nonprofit organizations and community services activities.

8 Publicity A form of public relations.
Any non-paid message that communicates information about a company’s merchandise, services, and activities. - Press releases – written news stories sent out to newspapers and magazines. Fashion businesses do not have control over the publicity they receive.

9 Advertising A paid message that a business sends about its fashion products or ideas. Main purpose – to inform, remind, and persuade. AIDA – used to describe advertising – Attention, Interest, Desire, and Action. Attract Attention Develop Interest Create Desire Produce Action

10 Promotional and Institutional Advertising
Promotional Advertising – in the fashion industry is designed to increase sales, introduce new products, explain product features and benefits, and support selling efforts. Institutional Advertising – designed to create a favorable impression and goodwill for a fashion business. focuses on the image of a fashion business rather than a specific fashion product.

11 Types of Advertising Media
Print Media Broadcast Media Online Media Specialty Media

12 Print Media Magazines – targeted to specific markets, long shelf life because most magazines does not go out of date immediately. “pass-along” readership – read for long periods of time and are shared with several readers. Extensive preparation and long lead times means they must be prepared well in advance of the publication date.

13 Newspapers The most common print medium is the most common advertising vehicle for local retailers. ad cost is lower than the cost for magazines, and the lead time is shorter.

14 Directory, Direct Mail, and Outdoor Advertising
Directory - Yellow Pages Direct Mail – catalogs, newsletters, mailers, and bill enclosures mailed directly to customers’ homes. Outdoor – billboards, transit ads, free-standing signs, and posters comprise outdoor advertising.

15 Broadcast Media Television – Can target potential customers by TV viewing habits and preferences. Radio – Reach about 96% of people who are 12 years old and over.

16 Online and Specialty Media
Online - Advertising places on the internet. Specialty – include products such as magnets, calendars, and pens, which are imprinted with a company’s name, address, or message.

17 Planning Fashion Promotion
Fashion Promotion Plan – the detailed, written guide a business develops that states which promotional components will be used to reach specific goals in a designated period of time. Planning Schedules – Promotional plans are developed in six month increments.

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