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Promotional Mix Variety of Promotional Methods 2.

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2 Promotional Mix Variety of Promotional Methods 2

3 Entertainment and the Promotional Mix Promotion is any form of communication that a business or organization uses to inform or persuade people about its products. The four components of advertising are: AdvertisingPublicity Personal Selling Sales Promotion 3

4 Advertising Advertising is any paid form of non-personal presentation and promotion of ideas, goods, or services by an identified sponsor. The average person is exposed to more than 2,000 advertisements in a week. Print Newspapers Magazines Direct Mail Directory Outdoor Transit Broadcast Television Radio Online and Specialty 4

5 Advertising Advertisements on the radio or on television often use jingles. 5

6 Public Relations and Publicity Public relations include any activity designed to create a favorable image toward a business, its products, or its policies. Negative publicity needs to be changed to positive publicity as soon as possible. Publicity is a specific type of public relations that involves placing positive and newsworthy information about a business, its products, or its policies in the media. 6

7 Personal Selling Personal selling is any form of direct contact between a salesperson and a customer. The most important part of personal selling involves two-way, personalized communication. Personal selling takes place all over theme parks. 7

8 Sales Promotion Sales promotions typically involve short-term incentives that encourage a customer to buy a product. Examples include: 8 Coupons T-shirts Special discounts Sweepstakes Cross promotion

9 Promotional Case Study release date Before the release date of a new movie, marketers go to work creating a promotional plan. release date the day a film is first shown in theaters 9

10 Promotional Case Study: S.W.A.T. 10 Marketers create a promotiona l plan. Advertising begins months before the release date. One week before release, publicity begins on major television shows. Positive reviews appear in magazines and newspapers. Sony Pictures authorizes sales promotion materials.

11 Media Advertising media advertisement any form of advertising that uses media such as television, radio, the Internet, newspapers, or magazines to promote ideas, goods, or services 11 Media advertisement Media advertisement is the most expensive promotional method. Media has helped promotional plans. The Internet has become an effective advertising tool.

12 Non-Media Advertising non-media advertisement any form of advertising that uses methods other than the media to promote ideas, goods, or services 12 non-media advertisement Examples of non-media advertisement include: Airplanes and blimps Direct-mail promotions Flyers handed out at events Billboards

13 Other Promotional Methods Other promotional methods include: 13 Tie-Ins –The combined promotional efforts of two or more companies Cross-Selling –Linking products within a company’s own product assortment Placing Products –Locating prominent placements for a company’s products or name as a prop in media

14 Reaching Diverse Markets Diverse markets include groups that vary in their ethnic, national, cultural, and geographic characteristics. The Hispanic population has made a substantial impact in entertainment marketing. It is important to consider the variety of diverse markets that might be interested in a product. The film Bend It Like Beckam is a good example of successful global marketing. 14

15 Promoting Entertainment By using the four components of the promotional mix, entertainment companies can promote their products using a variety of strategies target to their markets. 15 AdvertisingPublicity Personal Selling Sales Promotion

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