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Fashion Promotion Through Advertising and the Press

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1 Fashion Promotion Through Advertising and the Press

2 Objectives: Explain the purposes for, and levels of, fashion promotion
Describe fashion promotion planning, follow-through, budgeting, and ethics Summarize the purposes for, and types of, fashion advertising Describe advertising agencies and freelancers Summarize advertising strategy and media Explain how to develop effective print advertisements Identify parts of print advertisements Define public relations and publicity Give examples of the fashion press

3 Fashion Promotion Promotion mix in fashion includes advertising, public relations, publicity, visual merchandising, and special events Mix based on characteristics of products and the market Advertising Mix

4 Fashion Cycle Promotion
PEAK Store persuades consumers that theirs is the best RISE DECLINE Motivate consumer to increase desire for fashion Gain consumer loyalty with reduced prices INTRODUCTION OBSOLESCENCE Introduce trends and create interest in new fashions Stores emphasize price with large markdowns

5 Purposes of Fashion Promotion
Inform Persuade Remind Consumers gain information about what they want, why they want it, and when and where to buy it Encourages additional purchases

6 Promotion Levels Distribution chain
Promotion happens through all levels of production and distribution Textiles Trade Promotion Apparel Retail Promotion Retail Consumer Promotion Consumers

7 Promotion Program 6-Month Plan
Promotion goals and objectives for selling certain merchandise; depends on How long company has been established Size, location, image, and philosophy Nature of the competition Message or theme Specific activities Timing of the activities Media mix to be used Assignments of responsibility Budget Evaluation methods

8 Putting the Promotion Plan into Action
Six-month plan Calendars chart each promotion activity month-by-month Show planning, budgeting, and preparation needed before each event Stores may involve the following: Promotion directors Ad agencies or consultants

9 Calculating Promotion Expenses
Usually 5%-8% of firm’s anticipated annual sales Use previous year’s expenditures as a base and then add percent based on sales trends Sometimes based on what competitors spend (hard to obtain this information)

10 Allocating Promotion Budgets
Top-down Senior management develops promotion budget allocations Bottom-up Merchandising employees develop a promotion plan and estimate budget needed to carry out plan Affordability Allocating what company feels they can afford

11 Ethics in Promotion Deceptive promotion occurs when information presented misleads Deceptive prices Retailers put higher prices on items before marking them down Deceptive products Making false or misleading claims about products Deceptive sales Bait and switch

12 Types of Advertising Product Institutional National Regional and Local
Designed to sell specific merchandise or services Institutional Designed to sell the image or reputation of an organization National Companies that sell products nationwide Regional and Local Retailers in same area

13 Cooperative Advertising
The sharing of advertising and its costs by two or more organizations Producers of brand-name goods may help retailers with local advertising and costs Manufacturers may place restrictions on retailers to qualify for co-op money

14 Pros and Cons to Coop PROS CONS
May tempt retailers to buy wrong products Lots of record keeping Retailers may overcharge manufacturer Effects stores with set ad contracts Competition Extra work for buyer and ad departments Additional product exposure Share ad costs Producer prestige Retail prestige Manufacturers get retailer feedback Local ads get better placement and cost

15 Advertising Services and Strategies
Advertising agencies provide advertising expertise Help in planning an advertising platform that Defines target market Summarizes product features that will please Sets general theme Coordinates advertising pieces

16 Advertising Media Forms
Newspapers Magazines Outdoor (billboards) Direct mail Product packaging Radio Television Video and DVD Web sites

17 Effective Print Ads Motivate consumer to buy Eye-catching
Communicate clearly to target audience Components of print ads Headline Copy and illustrations Logo and/or slogan White space Layout: How elements of ad are put together

18 Public Relations Activities planned to build good relations with customers, stockholders, government, community groups, and labor Publicity: Unpaid media coverage about an organization Press releases: Written “news” to media that they may or may not use

19 Functions of the Fashion Press
Communicate fashion information to consumers Publish advertisements Shop worldwide markets for newsworthy styles Perform market research Influence manufacturers to create new items Provide industry information Provide point of sale ads to retailers Fashion shows and seminars

20 Do You Know . . . Have you ever been tricked by a deceptive price or product promotion practice? A deceptive sales practice? How would you design a press kit for a new jean called “Easy Rider?” What information would it contain?

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