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Your Senior Year….. Graduating Class 2012 Yikes!! Please don’t make me go!!

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2 Your Senior Year….. Graduating Class 2012 Yikes!! Please don’t make me go!!

3 You are set to graduate. Now what?


5 Are you a little nervous? Maybe even scared? DON’T BE! You are going into some of the best times of your life!!!! Go to college? (2 or 4 year) Get a job? Go into the military? Maybe I should just live on the beach? Your parents will help you make decisions and so will your counselor!

6 The Counseling Center offers tons of information and resources that can help you make a great decision. Some of these are: Career Center College open houses (check college websites) Admission reps come to our Career Center (listen to the announcements for who’s coming and the date and time) LP College Planning Guide (this was sent home last spring) Choices program

7 Where do I start the whole process? Put your “multi-tasking cap" on!! After you decide where you are going to apply you need to get the application or apply online. Most colleges are transitioning to online applications. Once you complete your part online you need to submit the application and then let Mrs. Profeta know in Guidance. Please be AWARE we will have no idea that you have applied unless you tell us. The colleges you apply to do NOT send us any notification. If the school that you are applying to requires your SAT and/or ACT scores to be sent right from the testing service (official scores) you will need to call the testing office to have them sent. There are often several parts to an application. Please hold onto EVERYTHING until you complete or submit your part(s) online or complete the paper app. Some schools will allow you to use a paper application. In those cases you will still need to complete your part and then bring it to Guidance.

8 While you are working on your application you need to fill out a Brag Sheet. The Brag Sheet allows you to write down all of the activities and awards you have achieved over the years. Once you fill it out come to Guidance and we will make copies. You will then give a copy of the brag sheet to the teachers you are asking. You should have 2-3 letters of recommendation. Once you have completed the application bring it to Mrs. Profeta in Guidance she will prepare it for your counselor to look over and sign off on. Don’t forget the application fee! We like to have all applications in before the holiday break. Some applications will have a deadline in January or February. Please DO NOT WAIT UNTIL THE LAST DAY. For those students interested in attending NCCC next year we will be having an instant enrollment day. When you meet with your counselor we will sign you up.

9 Have you ever heard of…….. Early Decision – earlier deadline to apply. You find out the admissions decision sooner and if accepted you rescind all other college applications. A binding agreement. Early Action – earlier deadline to apply. You find out the admissions decision sooner, but there is NO binding agreement. Not all schools offer Early Decision and or Early Action. Check the schools you are interested in. Common Application – This is a unified application that several schools use. has a list of the members as well as the application that you may download. You fill this application out once and it is sent to all the schools you are applying to (if on the list). If the school you are applying to has a SUPPLEMENTAL form you must complete that as well. You need to check each school and the common application website should tell you. Make sure you tell Mrs. Profeta where you are applying and let her know as soon as you apply online. Rolling Admission – Schools accept and Deny applicants as they come in. There is no official application deadline.

10 More Reminders…. When applying online PLEASE remember to give a list of the schools to Mrs. Profeta. Also remember to download any secondary school reports and also give them to Mrs. Profeta. Supplemental Forms – Many schools have students fill out an additional form which usually asks for activities and an essay. These are very important as they need this form in order to make the best admission decision. Please fill these out as soon as you get them and send them in. Please note if you are applying to a SUNY school they are ALL requiring the supplemental to be filled out. So please do it as soon as you are done filling out the regular application.

11 Applications SUNY – the application fee is $50.00. SUNY does not give out any paper applications. We have limited view books which give you a brief description of all the SUNY schools as well as easy instructions on how to apply online. The SUNY website is you can set up an account and We have some private school applications depending on the school you are interested in, but again you should be applying online. Are you eligible for a fee waiver? If you are on free or reduced lunch let your counselor know. Most 2 year colleges have free applications.

12 Leave me alone!…….. PALEEZE!!! Apply to at least 1 safety, reach, and target school Some applications will require you to write an essay. You may get help in writing these from our Scholarship Club (Mrs. Basta is the advisor). Visit the schools you will be applying to if you haven’t already done so. Make copies and be organized. The more organized you are the more fun you will have with the process.

13 Yippee!! C ollege Admissions Tests SAT Test Dates– November 5 th (reg. deadline 10/7), December 3 rd (reg. November 8 th ). SAT Subject Tests? You need to find out if you need to take these. Check with the schools you are applying to. ACT – Oct. 22 (Reg. deadline-9/16). There is another ACT offered in December, but it is not at Lew-Port. Should want to take the test on that date stop by Guidance and we will give you the info. Many schools will base a large part of their admission on the scores and they also use it in awarding scholarship money. Some also use it for placement.

14 NCAA Clearinghouse If you plan to play a sport at a Division I or II College you must register with the Clearinghouse. They determine if you meet the eligibility requirements. Register at After you register let Mrs. Profeta know and she will send out your transcript.

15 What do colleges look for in prospective students? Grade point average (GPA) Class rank SAT and / or ACT scores What classes you have taken ALL 4 years (including senior year) of high school (rigor of program) Regents exam scores Letters of Recommendation Extra-curricular activities Essays (if requested)

16 Come on man… More stuff?? FAFSA (Free Application For Student Aid) Financial Aid Night 12/1 at 6:00pm in the café. CSS Profile for specific private schools. It will tell you on the school’s website if you need to fill this form out. L-P Scholarship Guide. Everyone should be checking the board in the Counseling Center a few times a week. There is a great deal of money at stake. See Mrs. P for directions. Use the Career Center to do research and interest inventories if you are still undecided about college and career. Students may now use the Choices Program in the career center. See your counselor for an appointment.

17 What is my next step?? Go home and sleep??

18 NOT!!

19 Senior Reviews Meet individually with your counselor Y our credits Regents exam scores What type of diploma you will be receiving Your post graduation plans Help you get organized! And all the stuff you already forgot I talked about!

20 Say What????? Your Counselor will schedule an appointment for you within the next couple of weeks. All you need to do is show up!

21 Here are some questions you SHOULD be asking!!! When will I hear from the college I apply to? Do I need to send my SAT / ACT scores to the college from the College Board? Do I have to send everything all at once? Do I have to declare a major? When do I apply for financial aid? You can apply for financial aid beginning January 1 st. Is applying for financial aid the same as applying to college?

22 Are you listening?? PROVE IT!!

23 Questions????

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