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Class of 2009 4-Year College63% 2-Year College/Technical School24% Military2% Work/Other9% 245 Graduates.

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2 Class of 2009 4-Year College63% 2-Year College/Technical School24% Military2% Work/Other9% 245 Graduates

3 Your son/daughter: already took SAT and/or ACT already visited potential college campuses has narrowed down list of schools and decided where to apply (3-5 schools) is working on college applications and related paperwork

4 ACT Test -offered on October 24 th - Late registration deadline is October 2 nd. Also offered December 12 th - registration deadline is Nov. 6 th SAT Test - offered on November 7 th - registration deadline is October 1 st Take one of these tests IMMEDIATELY

5 Scores take about 3-6 weeks to process At this late date, please request that scores be sent directly to the colleges- some schools require that scores be sent directly from the testing company CHS receives scores and send them with transcripts. ACT and/or SAT scores automatically become a part of the transcript.

6 Students can register online for both tests

7 ·Apply to colleges before deadlines ·Financial Aid FAFSA by February 15 ·Search for Scholarships throughout the school year – most are available in the winter (Dec. thru Feb.) ·Deposit by May 1 (approximate deadline – each school has its own deadline)

8 Recommended Application Strategy 1 Reach 2-3 Probable 1 Safety

9 There are many websites with search engines Each college has its own website Colleges prefer online applications- in fact about 90% of all applications are completed online Scholarships/Fin Aid Websites

10 3 exempt days each school year Call Admissions in advance to set up a tour, interview, etc. Ask about Financial Aid/Schol. Get a feel for the social/academic atmosphere at each school

11 You can still apply to colleges without visiting them We highly recommend that students visit a campus before making their final decisions

12 Admissions reps visit CHS Often times, these are the same people who evaluate the applications Students must get permission from teacher in advance (form in guid.)

13 There are three forms that guidance needs in order to process college applications and write letters of recommendation. All were handed out in senior English classes on Monday 9/21. Transcript Release Form (white) Biographical Profile (blue) Transcript Request Form (yellow)

14 Go to school’s website and register for access to their application or go to for schools that use the Common Application- a limited number of paper applications are available in Download and print application and all associated directions Read application thoroughly and practice completing it on paper Complete application online and be sure to complete all necessary supplements (ie. counselor and teacher forms and recommendations) Be sure to give all supplemental forms to your guidance counselor along with transcript request and counselor will mail all additional paperwork

15 Other Application Reminders Make check money order for application fees (if using paper application or you haven’t paid online) All schools require a transcript – be sure to request it as soon as you apply so you don’t hold up the admissions decision If doing a paper application - turn in completed application, payment, transcript request and all necessary paperwork to guidance office. We will process and mail everything out. If you apply online please be sure to look for counselor forms, teacher recommendation forms, and signature forms and turn in along with transcript request.

16 Check appropriate deadlines - turn in forms to guidance at least ONE week in advance of deadline. (This applies to scholarships too) Always give teachers at least TWO weeks to write a letter of rec. Applications should be turned in as soon as possible with Thanksgiving being the goal.

17 All families should fill out the FAFSA by February 15 There will be a financial aid evening meeting to review the FAFSA on 12/3 (tentative date ) at 6:30pm Your report will be sent to the colleges with your EFC - Expected Family Contribution

18 The colleges will send you their Financial Aid Package Many times private schools and out of state schools award more money than the public in-state schools

19 This organization helps students complete financial aid process and search for scholarships. Lake Educational Assistance Foundation

20 Parents should call 285-4060 to set up an appointment with Mrs. Martis. LEAF is at CHS on Fridays beginning October 3 rd Students will be called down to meet with Mrs. Martis during the day.

21 Scholarships There are local, state, national, and school scholarships. Obtain applications in guidance office Go to the guidance page of the high school home page on the district website- available scholarships are updated at least twice a month Go Online- there are many search engines that will allow students to put in a profile and they will then match scholarship up with specific needs and abilities Meet with LEAF

22 The COMMON Application Common Application is given out in early Feb and due at the end of the month Students can apply for over 15 local scholarships with one application

23 College Scholarships Ask College Financial Aid Offices for their individual scholarships

24 Other Important Dates Dec. 3 Financial Aid Night Feb 15 FAFSA Deadline February Common Application May 1 College Deposits are due May 6 Topper Night May 2 Prom at Normandy Hall May 13 Senior Awards Night at CMS June 6 Graduation at Mentor Fine Arts

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