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College Application and Transcript Procedures. Agenda  Important Dates  Review Transcripts  The College Application Process at Churchill  Deadlines.

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1 College Application and Transcript Procedures

2 Agenda  Important Dates  Review Transcripts  The College Application Process at Churchill  Deadlines

3 Early Decision-Early Action Rolling & Regular Admissions  Early Decision – Binding (Complete All testing in the spring)  Early Action – Not Binding (You can make a decision by May)  Rolling Admissions (Once your application is complete, a decision will be made)  Regular Admissions (All applications have a specific deadline)

4 Transcript Review  Check transcript for accuracy.  If there is an error, notify Mrs. Fabrizio As Soon As Possible!!!!  Check to make sure your senior schedule is correct. - Senior letters were sent home - Parents were notified of the remaining course requirements needed for graduation - It indicated if you were signed up for those requirements  If you drop academic classes after transcripts are sent, it is your responsibility to notify each college where you have applied. WE NOTIFY THE COLLEGES AS WELL

5 Important 2010 Dates  Tuesday, Sept. 7th – Senior Parent Night @ 7:00PM  Friday, Sept. 10 th - 1 st day Registrar will accept requests for transcripts. (Mrs. Fabrizio)  Tuesday, Oct. 5 – Maryland College Night at WCHS  Wednesday, Oct. 13 – PSAT Day Late arrival for seniors. (Great Day to Work on Applications)  Wednesday, Dec. 1– Financial Aid Night Important for Your Parents to Attend

6 College Scholarship/Financial Aid Information  Mrs. Zimmerman has college scholarship folders in the College/Career Center  Consider visiting for scholarships  Consider writing the Financial Aid office at your selected schools for scholarship information  Consider Completing the FAFSA form with your parents after January 1 st, 2010 (Go to

7  Your Part: (What you send directly to colleges.) –Applications –Official Test Scores  Our Part: (What we send directly to Colleges.) –Transcripts –Secondary School Report Form National Association for College Admission Counseling (NACAC) –Counselor Letter of Recommendation –Churchill School Profile  Teachers Part: What teachers send directly to Colleges –Teacher Recommendations The College Application Process

8 Your Part  Applications and Essays: –Type for Neatness –Follow Directions (Read before you start.) –Have someone proofread before you send  Test Scores: –Request official test scores be sent by ETS and/or ACT

9 Our Part  We send your transcripts to colleges  We write your letter of recommendation and send to colleges.  We complete the Secondary School Report (NACAC Form) and send to colleges.

10 Teachers’ Part  Select teachers you will ask to write the recommendation.  Approach teachers and politely request them to write your recommendation.  Provide each teacher with an “Academic Information Sheet” along with an addressed and stamped business size envelope. Use WCHS as the return address.  Allow the teachers four (4) weeks to write letters and give them the colleges DEADLINE. Put the deadline in the lower left hand corner of the envelope.  Make sure you thank your teachers for their extra effort on your behalf (They are using their Free time for YOU)

11 Items to Complete Before (or at the same time) You Request Transcripts and Recommendations be sent  Release of Records (Yellow Form)  Diploma Order (Blue Form)  Resume and Self Assessment Go online to our web site to get forms  Secondary School Report Form (NACAC): Complete only Section 1. Leave the question about early decision/early action/regular decision blank. Waive Your Right to Access - Admissions officers believe the recommendation will be more credible if you waive your write to review it.  College Packet (Self-Evaluation)  Transcript Request Form

12 College Packet: Self-Evaluation and Resume  The self-evaluation and resume is what I will use to write your school recommendation.  The better job you do on it, the stronger your recommendation will be.  Ask your parents to share their thoughts on the page provided.  Type your responses on the form. You can complete and download the form from WCHS website.

13 What Goes Into Your College Recommendation College Recommendation Counselor Thoughts And Impressions Self-Evaluation And Resume Teacher/Parent Comments

14 Getting Your Transcript Sent  Turn in all paperwork to Mrs. Fabrizio, the Registrar.  Read and follow the college’s directions and deadlines.  Complete the TOP portion of the Transcript Request form.  List only the colleges to which you are ready to apply.

15  Provide two (2) addressed and stamped envelopes for each application: –One business size addressed to the college with WCHS Return Address. (one stamp) –One large envelope addressed to the college with WCHS Return Address. (four stamps)  Pay transcript fee

16 Deadlines  Allow four (4) weeks for the registrar to process your application and your counselor to write your recommendation.  Remember staff is not here during the Holidays so turn in all of your requests that have a Jan.1 or Jan. 15 deadline by December 1 st.  If you are planning to apply Early Decision or Early Action to a college, please follow the colleges requirements and deadlines.

17 Senior Mantras It is no use saying 'we are doing our best.' You have got to succeed in doing what is necessary. - Sir Winston Churchill 1.College admissions isn’t a judgment on my life. 2.College admission isn’t a judgment on my parents or my upbringing. 3.There’s going to be some sort of rejection in all of this. 4.Successful college admission is about ending up with a choice…and being happy a year from now. 5.I have all the information and guidance that’s available; I will take charge, believe in myself, and trust the process. 6.Please do not take it personally. It is not a rejection but perhaps schools were looking for a particular profile. 7.ALWAYS HAVE A BACKUP SCHOOL © Sarah McGinty,

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