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2 “How did it get started?”  1066-1485  Began after the Norman (French) Invasion  William the Conqueror takes the throne – 1 st Norman king of England  Feudalism - code of reciprocal obligations (legal, military)  French influence - lord = noble who owned land; granted it to vassals - vassal = repaid lords with military service - fief = land  Eventually declined with growth of towns

3 Important Concepts  Chivalry – knightly code of virtues  Honor, generosity, bravery, respect toward women, help the weak, fairness to one’s enemies  Courtly love: knight pledges himself to a virtuous woman (often one who is married) – he performs brave deeds for her while she remains chaste/unattainable  Guilds – groupings of people engaging in a similar trade or skill  Meant to control the flow and price of goods  Rules for advancement from apprentice to “master”

4 “What about Medieval Literature?”  Started off written in Latin (clergy), then French (educated class)  English primarily spoken  Much was anonymously “written” – recycled stories  Miracle Plays – episodes from the lives of saints Morality Plays – main character is confronted with issues that prompt him to lead a godly life

5 “What about Medieval Literature?”  Romance – heroic prose/verse narrative detailing the hero’s adventure  Noble hero  Code of chivalry  Challenge & quest  Supernatural elements  Courtly love, damsel in distress  Villain  Pattern of 3s  Fairy tale-esque

6 “What about Medieval Literature?”  Arthurian legend (along with Geoffrey Chaucer & the Robin Hood legend) established English as a literary language  Sir Gawain & the Green Knight Written in Chaucer’s time, around 1400 A.D. Lost, then found and published in 1839 Considered the best of English Medieval Romances (except for Chaucer) Uses alliteration

7 “What else is happening during this time?”  The Crusades (11 th – 13 th Cent. A.D.)  Original goal to recapture Jerusalem from the Muslims  The Magna Carta (1215 A.D.)  Stemmed from disputes with King John over kings’ rights  Granted many rights to the common people and limited the power of the king  Established trial-by-jury and protection against unjust imprisonment (habeus corpus)

8 “What else is happening during this time?”  The Black Death (14 th Cent. A.D.) aka “bubonic plague”  pandemic = epidemic across large region  24 million died within 1 st 5-year period  fever, aching joints, nausea, vomiting, headaches  most died within seven days

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