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Medieval Time Period: Norman Influence

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1 Medieval Time Period: Norman Influence
Mrs. Mobley 12th Grade British Lit

2 Review: Anglo-Saxon Dates
5th Century: Germanic Tribes invade Culture of warfare and strategy Pagan beliefs combine well with dominated picts AD: Christianization (Roman priests) Influence of values Influence of language Late 800s: Alfred the Great unites tribes Hires scribes to document stories and history Begins succession of rulers over greater kingdom

3 Treaty of Saint Clair sur Epte
911 AD: Area of northern France given to Vikings in exchange for protection from other Vikings. Creation of Normandy! Norse Man…North Man…Norman…Normandy Normandy adapted to French culture Normans adapted to French culture Married with French nobles Learned French Converted to Christianity

4 Norman Invasion 1002 AD: King Aethelred of England married Emma, sister of Duke of Normandy Son, Edward the Confessor, spends much of exile in Normandy 1042 AD: Edward the Confessor succeeds English throne Norman friends from years in exile enter English court No children, instability in kingdom at death 1066 AD: William Duke of Normandy invades England, claims throne. Norway and English lords also claim throne Battle of Hastings in October William crowned at Westminster in December 1071 AD: “William the Conqueror” begins stable succession. Eliminates other rebel lords claiming throne

5 There’s a New King in Town!
Innovative methods of control So successful, by 1072, William mainly ruled from France! New reward system for battle Normans wanted land, not money William redistributed England among his leaders Awarded specific estates separate from each other…no large centrally located strongholds. William’s in charge, his lords merely “held” his land for him

6 More Changes… New system for inheritance Marriage
Widows of powerful English leaders could not pass their land to the next male in their family Land forfeited to king for approval of inheritance Marriage King would force the widow to marry a Norman, or the king automatically bestowed the land on the Norman. 1100s saw many marriages between English natives and Normans. 1348 Black Plague: much of the nobility died off The only nobility left must marry within its own circle, eliminating any “pure” lines of Normans or natives.

7 Norman Legacy: Replacement of Elite Introduction of French Language
Eliminates native English leaders, replaced with Normans. Intermarriage of Normans males with native English women. Introduction of French Language Old English Out Old English mixed with French French was language of nobles Until early 14th century when Middle English was accepted Introduction of French Values (in life and stories) French “courtly love” French “chivalry” French “code of honor” or “order”

8 More Norman Legacy… English-French Rivalry
As Duke of Normandy, William was a vassal of the King of France. As King of England, William was then the King of France’s equal. 1204, King of France invaded Normandy and took over. Ever since, English kings continued to claim “King of England and France,” referring to Normandy claim…and a little more just for spite.

9 Courtly Love and Chivalry
Proper relationship between a gallant knight and his fair lady. A medieval knight respects his fair lady by showing her courtesy and protecting her rights. The fair lady must be virtuous, kind, and true to her knight. Example: Edward III’s Order of the Garter Motto: “Evil to him who thinks evil.” Dancing at court, a lady’s garter falls Lewd jokes Edward picks up garter and scolds his lords “Shame to he who thinks evil of it!” Defend a lady’s honor! Don’t question her purity! Don’t joke about an honorable lady’s virtue! It is sacred!

10 Chivalry in Literature
“Medieval Romance” Verse or prose narrative involving: Adventurous heroes Idealized love Exotic places Supernatural events Hidden or mistaken identity Sir Gawain and the Green Knight p. 226

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