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Jeopardy Feudalism The Crusades Random $100 $200 $300 $400 $500 $100 $200 $300 $400 $500 Trade & Towns Nation-States.

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2 Jeopardy Feudalism The Crusades Random $100 $200 $300 $400 $500 $100 $200 $300 $400 $500 Trade & Towns Nation-States

3 $100 Feudalism Explain the difference between feudalism And manorialism.

4 $100 Answer Feudalism is to government as manorialism is to economy

5 $200 Feudalism How did the Black Death impact Feudalism?

6 $200 Answer The lack of people led to the destruction of feudalism.

7 $300 Feudalism What brought about the development of Feudalism?

8 $300 Answer Need for a central government and defense

9 $400 Feudalism What did the lord promise the vassal?

10 $400 Answer Land and protection

11 $500 Feudalism Define feudalism and explain a political, a social, and an economic function of the feudal system.

12 $500 Answer Feudalism is a political system where a lord fiefs land to a vassal in exchange for services on a manor. A political function set up a type of government during the middle ages. A social function sets up classes – King is at the top and serfs/peasants are the lowest class. An economic function would be where the vassal works for the lord in exchange for land and protection.

13 $100 Nation-States How did William, the Conqueror change England?

14 $100 Answer Introduced feudalism

15 $200 Nation-States How did the Magna Carta influence the Kings power?

16 $200 Answer It limited it (decreased, lessened)

17 $300 Nation-States Which of the following groups were able to retain most of their power during the Middle Ages?

18 $300 Answer The Church/Pope

19 $400 Nation-States What is the legacy of the Magna Carta?

20 $400 Answer The beginning of democratic ideas

21 $500 Nation-States Identify AND explain one right in the Magna Carta that we see in the United States Constitution.

22 $500 Answer No taxation without representation, limiting power, trial by jury of your peers These are similar rights found in both – now explain the law and the importance!

23 $100 The Crusades What event sparks more trade and Travel around Europe?

24 $100 Answer The Crusades

25 $200 The Crusades Who has control of the Holy Land After the last Crusade?

26 $300 The Crusades What happened to the Lords power and to the Kings power because of the Crusades?

27 $300 Answer The Lords sold their Land to the Kings to travel on the Crusade therefore the Lords’ powers decreased while the Kings increased

28 $400 The Crusades After the Crusades, merchants Would have had an increase in what?

29 $400 Answer Wealth

30 $500 The Crusades Explain cultural diffusion in terms of the Crusades

31 $500 Answer Cultural diffusion is the blending of different cultural ideas, beliefs, and goods. Italian ships filled with Crusaders travel to the Holy Land to fight the Muslims. They took many ideas from the Muslims including military improvements. The Crusaders also brought back goods to trade from the Holy Land.

32 $100 Towns and Trade What event had a major impact on the population of towns? It severely Decreased the population

33 $100 Answer Black Death/Bubonic Plague

34 $200 Towns and Trade Where were some of the first towns? Why

35 $200 Answer By water – trading cities. Easy to transport good by sea.

36 $300 Towns and Trade Describe what a town would look Like in the Middle Ages.

37 $300 Answer Filthy, crowded, trade fairs, guilds, church, townhall

38 $400 Towns and Trade How did the end of feudalism impact the economy?

39 $400 Answer Lead to development of capitalism.

40 $500 Towns and Trade Identify AND explain how trade changed life economically during the Middle Ages.

41 $500 Answer Before -------------------------------------  After Wealth was Land --------------------Wealth meant $ Barter Economy ---------------------Market Economy Peasants/Serfs------------------------Middle Class These are changes identified- Make sure you can explain it!

42 $100 Random What hindered growth and development in Europe?

43 $100 Answer Black Death/Bubonic Plague

44 $200 Random Identify and explain one legacy from the Middle Ages.

45 $200 Answer Language and Literature – Vernacular Education – Today’s Universities Guilds – Unions Chivalry – Social manners/decorum

46 $300 Random Which is an example of a cultural legacy that developed during the Middle Ages that impacts the behavior of men toward women today?

47 $300 Answer Chivalry

48 $400 Random How did serfs lives change during the Middle Ages?

49 $400 Answer Moved from the manor to the city for job opportunities

50 $500 Random What is the difference between a craft guild and a merchant guild?

51 $500 Answer Craft Guild – Association of skilled workers that set standards for working conditions. All specialized in a single craft. Merchant Guild – Association of workers created to protect their rights to trade and help out members and their families. Had the sole right to trade in a certain location.

52 Final Jeopardy Explain how The Crusades affected the people in EUROPE

53 Final Jeopardy Answer Culturally – Cultural Diffusion Militarily – New Weapons Politically – Lords sold land to the kings to go on Crusades. Lords power declines and Kings power increases. This begins the decline of feudalism.

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