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Unit 2: The Medieval Period

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1 Unit 2: The Medieval Period 1066-1485

2 Classwork Read: “Intro to Medieval Lit” pages 73-88 Do: Study Guide

3 The Norman Conquest-1066 Norman = north men = Vikings
Former Vikings from France

4 The Battle of Hastings The Normans defeated the Saxons

5 exchange of property of personal service
Rise of Feudalism exchange of property of personal service lord/overlord: granted property vassal: promised service to his lord All land belongs to the ruler

6 Rise of Feudalism

7 A Shifting Language Normans spoke French, so French became the official language. Old English was for the common (Saxon) person. The winner makes the rules.

8 The Growth of Towns Crusades

9 Later Middle Ages 14th-15th centuries The feudal system suffered
The Plague killed every third person Few serfs

10 Chivalry truth valor honor courtesy

11 Learning and Literature
Cambridge nd University 1st University

12 Poetry of the Middle Ages
Geoffrey Chaucer “The Canterbury Tales” Reveal the changes that were taking place in the English language and society as a whole

13 Lyrics and Ballads Lyre: harplike instrument Lyric Poems
Secular love and nature Religious praise God or prayer of supplication Ballads: folk song that tells a story Robin Hood

14 Drama of the Middle Ages
Part of religious services Miracle & Mystery Plays Retold Bible stories Morality Plays life of an ordinary person teach a moral lesson

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