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Sociology: Examining Social Life

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1 Sociology: Examining Social Life
Mr. Calvert North High School

2 Essential Questions What is sociology, and what does it mean to have a sociological imagination? How is sociology similar and different to from other social sciences? Vocabulary Sociology Social Sciences Social Interaction Social Phenomena Sociological Perspective Sociological Imagination

3 Sociology Sociology is the social science that studies human society and social behavior. Sociologists study social interaction –how people relate to one another and influence each other’s behavior. They focus on the group, not the individual. They examine social phenomena –observable facts or events that involve human society.

4 The Sociological Perspective
Why Study Sociology? The sociological perspective allows you to look beyond common beliefs to the hidden meanings behind human actions: All people are social beings Your behavior is influenced by social factors You have learned your behavior from others. There are many views of social reality. View the world through others’ eyes

5 The Sociological Perspective
Sociology helps you find a balance between your personal desires and the demands of society. ( Do you only live for you, or do you live to please others?) Must have a balance. A sociological imagination(C. Wright Mills) -the ability to see the connection between the larger world and one’s personal life.

6 What does it mean to have a Sociological Imagination?
SOCIOLOGICAL PERSPECTIVE SOCIOLOGICAL IMAGINATION Look beyond commonly held beliefs to hidden meanings in human actions See beyond own day-to-day life by viewing world through others’ eyes Capacity to range from impersonal and remote [topics] to intimate features of human self To see relations between the larger world and personal life

7 Question How is sociology similar to and different from other social sciences? Anthropology, social psychology, economics, political science, history, geography

8 Answer SIMILAR: Examines the relations between society and culture, the individual economics, politics, and past events which are all the focus of one or more of the social sciences DIFFERENT: Sociologists are mainly interested in social interaction and tend to focus on the group rather than the individual DIVISIONS HAVE BLURRED: Sociologists borrow from the various social sciences

9 How can a Sociological Imagination assist everyday life?
Assignment Why did C. Wright Mills think that a sociological imagination was important to Sociology? What does a Sociologist study? Chart: Draw the chart and answer in no less than 2 sentences each. How can a Sociological Imagination assist everyday life? Seeing People as Social Beings? Finding Balance in you personal and social life? Viewing you own life within a larger social and historical context?

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