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Welcome 4th Grade Curriculum Night.

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1 Welcome 4th Grade Curriculum Night

2 Start Time Our doors open at 7:20 each morning.
Students may eat breakfast or report directly to classrooms. Instruction begins promptly at 7:45.

3 Class Web Pages Please check out our class web pages for updates and important information. Select Peterson Elementary Select Staff pages Click on teacher’s name or team

4 Tuesday Folders Folders will be coming home everyday with homework, notes, and graded work. Tuesday folders will go home each Tuesday with graded work and important notes from the school. Please take out graded papers each week. Please make sure these are coming back each day.

5 Report Cards Progress reports and report cards will be electronic this year unless other arrangements have been made. Please make sure to update your address and other information with the district.

6 Home Access Center Online Grade book
You are able to check your child’s grades 24/7 Set up username and password then you can receive s and alerts

7 Behavior Expectations
We follow the Personal Behavior and Study Skills expectations stated on the report cards each six weeks.

8 Homework Math is done nightly. Make sure it is done the night before so we can go over it the next day. Spelling and Vocabulary needs to be studied all week. Tests will be on Friday. Students are encouraged to read minutes each night.

9 Language Arts

10 Language Arts Reading Writing Spelling/Grammar Social Studies

11 Reading Instruction Instruction is individualized per student need
authentic readers class book clubs workshop model (opening, work period, closing) 30-40 minutes daily of independent reading time to build stamina Instruction is individualized per student need QRI5 large group, small group, one-on-one instruction We will goal set according to Reading Strategies: Comprehension Accuracy Fluency Extending Vocabulary

12 Writing Instruction Instruction is individualized per student need:
authentic writers that can express themselves clearly workshop model (opening, work period, closing) 30 minutes daily of independent writing time to build stamina Multiple Writing Genre Studies Instruction is individualized per student need: Writing Diagnostic We will doing writing benchmarks throughout the year. large group, small group, one-on-one instruction We will goal set according to Writing Strategies: Ideas Organization Word Choice/Voice Conventions

13 Spelling/Vocabulary Words given on Friday – test following Friday
per six week period, all spelling/vocabulary assessments equal 1 formative grade very little, if any time allotted in class for study

14 Integrated Social Studies
4th Grade Big Idea integrated into Reading Workshop via literature/textbook: Texas History Map Skills Work

15 Math & Science

16 Math Math Investigations:
Workshop model (opening, work period, closing) explore problems in depth find more than one way of solving many of the problems they encounter reason mathematically and develop problem-solving strategies explain their mathematical thinking and reasoning represent their thinking using models, diagrams, and graphs. prove their ideas to others develop fluency - efficiency, accuracy, and flexibility - with mathematics. develop proficiency with arithmetic work in a variety of groupings - whole class, individually, in pairs, and in small groups

17 Math First 30 days/Problem Solving-
In the first 30 days of the school year we will be following the NISD Math curriculum. The purpose of First 30 Days is to build and establish Math expectations for problem solving and collaboration. The purpose of this is to deepen student understanding and engagement in mathematical understanding. Students are expected to explain their thinking verbally and in writing.

18 Science Science Inquiry- The Inquiry Learning model takes advantage of students’ natural curiosity. It requires well-developed questioning skills. It helps students to develop strategies and processes for collecting and evaluating information. Students are given topics and then allowed to explore. 2nd annual science “Night of no Limits” scheduled in the Spring

19 STAAR Dates 2014 3rd Grade Reading April 23rd Math April 22nd
4th Grade Writing April 1st and 2nd 5th Grade Reading April 2nd Math April 1st Science April 23rd

20 Volunteer Information Meeting
The volunteer information meeting will be held in the library from 7:15-7:30. All those interested in volunteering this year are encouraged to attend! -bulletin boards -support in classrooms -special projects -gathering/organizing supplies Thank you for coming!

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