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Thank you for coming. Tonight I hope to help you gain a better understanding of the work your child will be doing throughout this school year. I look forward.

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1 Thank you for coming. Tonight I hope to help you gain a better understanding of the work your child will be doing throughout this school year. I look forward to working in partnership with you this year to support your child to develop socially, emotionally and intellectually. Please take the time to read your child’s letter.

2  2nd year at AIS/D  12years teaching overseas (The Bahamas, U.K, Sri Lanka, and Thailand)  Born in Jamaica.  My husband Gareth, is the primary years program coordinator/IT facilitator  My philosophy is to nurture open minded, responsible students in a caring, stimulating and creative environment. I aim to facilitate their individual, diverse growth into life long learners and citizens of the world.  I look forward to getting to know all of you this year!

3 This year whole school initiatives:  Building relationships  Assessment  Technology integration

4  Push-in (in class)  Pull-out (during modern language)  Areas of Support: EAL Reading Writing/word study Math Organizational skills Extension activities

5  As teachers we expect students to manage their behavior to the best of their ability so that they can function independently in class as well a collaboratively in groups.  The students developed the following agreements they felt were important in order to achieve this goal: - We always do our best! - We respect each other - We never give up - We try first, then ask for help if we need it - We share our ideas and and we collaborate

6  School hours: 7:45 to 1:40 Tuesday 7:45 to 2:40 Sunday, Monday, Wednesday, Friday  Daily Schedule: Recess and Lunch 12:05-12:50 SNACK! 9:20-9:40 Day 1- Spanish Day 2-PE & Performing Arts Day 3-Spanish Day 4-PE & Library Day 5-Spanish & Performing Arts Day 6-PE & Art In your handout is 3J’s schedule with our specialist classes. *Note: The 6 day schedule is MUCH easier for the students than it is us!

7  The POI covers six Units of Inquiry (UOI) that incorporate all areas of the curriculum. Transdisciplinary skills are developed through the inquiry process during the teaching of the units.  Each unit has a subject focus  The Social Studies curriculum is covered through the UOI (Units of Inquiry) and whenever possible other areas, such as Math and Science, are integrated into the unit as well.  The Arts (Art, Performing arts) curriculum are also integrated and are seen as a means of communicating and expressing our learning.  The Personal, Social and Health Education (PSHE) curriculum promotes health and safety, working together, cultural awareness and respect for the environment, all of which are key to producing a PYP student.  Please check your calendars for PYP parent information sessions!

8 Water The Human Body Exploration People Helping People Looking Into the Mirror Energy

9  Every day, students are asked to read, write, speak, listen, view and represent to acquire and demonstrate their knowledge and understanding.  The teaching of language outcomes will be integrated in all curriculum areas. Some units throughout the year will also focus on learning a particular writing form.  Instructional activities will allow us to focus on specific writing forms, practice grammar, learn about literary devices, develop fluency through oral reading, as well as many other language outcomes.

10 DAILY 3 Read to self Read to someone/Listen to reading Word work/Work on writing Reading Workshop  Whole or small group mini-lesson  Independent reading  Guided reading and conferencing with individual children or small groups  CAFÉ Comprehension – I understand what I read Accuracy – I can read the words Fluency – I can read accurately, with expression, and understand what I read Expand Vocabulary – I know, find, and use interesting words

11 Writing Workshop Whole or small group mini-lesson Independent writing Guided writing and conferencing with children 6 Traits of Writing Ideas Organization Conventions Voice Word Choice Sentence Fluency Spelling - Spelling patterns and word work - Structured Word Inquiry

12 Math  Math is seen as a vital and engaging part of student’s lives. Our program is designed to be active and interactive, encouraging students to inquire into number, develop the language of arithmetic, and use thinking skills as they develop their understanding of the concepts of the program,  The Math program is sourced by a variety of resources including programs such as Investigations and Mathland, a variety of manipulatives as well as computer software and programs.  The Math concepts are integrated into the POI where applicable and are also supported regularly outside the POI. Part of the math program focuses on developing mental math abilities through a variety of number games and activities. Our units in third grade are: Data Collection and Graphing Number Shape and space Pattern and function Measurement Problem solving

13 30-40 minutes per night including at least 20 minutes of reading every night. Research has shown that reading is the MOST important indicator of school success.  Homework Routine help your child set up a homework area with supplies  Reading Log please sign in your child’s homework diary  Other homework reinforces learning in school

14  We believe that clear and open communication is vital for your child’s success at school.  I can be contacted on the following email address and will respond as soon as  The class blog is updated weekly with the learning taking place in our class as well as a weekly newsletter.  I have an Open- Door Policy, so stopping by, before school or after school is welcome when I am available.  If you need to contact us urgently throughout the day, please contact the front office. This also included any changes you need to make about picking your child up early from school or making a change to their bus arrangement.

15  I LOVE Volunteers!  Please check information and inform me of any changes of address or contact details  Bus Arrangements (if anything changes, please contact Ishraat/ Kavya/ by 12:00 noon

16  River Field trip – September 11 (8:00 to 1:00) We will be sailing along the Balu River Permission slips are in your package  Down the drain project

17  Please write a letter to your child and leave it in the classroom. Thank you for coming!

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