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Welcome to 4 th Grade Curriculum Night!! With Ms. Callicott & Mrs. Peak Schluter Elementary.

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1 Welcome to 4 th Grade Curriculum Night!! With Ms. Callicott & Mrs. Peak Schluter Elementary

2 Start Time Please have students here by 7:30 each morning if they are going to eat breakfast in the cafeteria. If they are not eating breakfast in the cafeteria, all car riders need to be here by 7:40 to avoid being late. Class begins at 7:45

3 Arrival – 7:25-7:45 If you would like to walk in with your child, please park in the front. The back is for drop-offs only. Doors at back of school lock at 7:45 All students arriving after 7:45 must enter the front doors and receive a tardy slip

4 Dismissal – 2:45 If your child is going home a different way than usual, please notify your teacher in writing or by calling the office. Notes should include, date, first and last name, new mode of transportation and parent signature. Please call the office by 2:00 with this information.

5 Visitors All visitors must check in at the office before visiting a classroom. The office will be using a driver’s license check in system. Please bring your driver’s license with you to be scanned. Visitors will be required to wear a visitor sticker that must be visible at all times. If you would like to join us for a field trip this year or work with students in the classroom, you will be required to complete the consent form Background Check Form.

6 Daily Schedule 7:25-7:45 Settle in & prepare for the day 7:45-10:20 First Class 10:20-10:25 Switch/RR break 10:25-11:20 Specials 11:20-12:20 Lunch/Recess/RR break 12:20-2:40 Second Class 2:40-2:45 Pack-up/ dismissal

7 Absences If absent, students have 3 days to send a written note stating the reason they were absent. If a note is not received, it will become an unexcused absence. A phone call is wonderful, but must be accompanied by a written note per state guidelines.

8 Absences When a student is absent they have the number of days they are absent plus one to return all make up work. If absent Monday – Due on Thursday If work is sent home before the absence, it is due the day they return. If they missed a test, they must make it up the day they come back while at school.

9 Behavior Expectations As a class we came up with ideas the “we do” in order for our classroom run smoothly. Here is the list: We do our best We do fun We do read We do ask questions We do make mistakes We do encourage We do our strategies We do problem solve We do laugh We do cry We do apologize We do reflect We do think We do thank yous We do write and write some more we do I am sorrys We do respect We do love We do laughter We do family

10 Planners Students will write down the objectives daily. Behavior will be marked daily It is the student’s responsibility to bring the planner to you each evening, but it will only need to be signed on Fridays.

11 Behavior Comment Codes E– Excellent- 0 redirections S-Satisfactory- 1 redirection BE-Below Expectations- 2 redirections N-Needs improvement- 3 redirections U-Unsatisfactory- 4 redirections

12 Class Web Pages Please check out our class web pages often. Select Schluter Elementary Select Staff pages Click on teacher’s name

13 3-ring Binder The Parent Communication tab is available for you to send notes to me as needed Every Thursday I will send all school fliers, notices, or news and all graded papers behind the Thursday News and Graded Papers divider. Please do not remove any work in the Work in Progress tab.

14 Report Cards Progress reports and report cards will be electronic this year unless other arrangements have been made. Please make sure to update your e-mail address and other information with the district.

15 Home Access Center Online Grade book Can check your child’s grades 24/7 Set up username and password then you can receive e-mails and alerts

16 Incomplete Assignments When a child does not complete their assignments we have 3 options: –Complete work before school starts (if time) –Complete work during recess –Take assignment home and return it the next day with a -10 pt penalty. Please feel out and return Recess Permission Form to let us know your preferences.

17 Late Work One day late -10 points Two days late -20 points Three or more days late-30 points

18 Homework Sign planner on Fridays Read each evening (tracking on reading log) Million Word Challenge Spelling Words (Given Monday-Test Friday) Math-1 assignment each week - Due on Friday

19 Birthday Celebrations Last 10 minutes of the day No goodie bags please Can not hand out invitations to parties in class

20 PTO Membership The money goes to sponsor events such as field day, treat parties, field trip scholarships and much, much more! The PTO invests a lot in your child’s education. If you can help by making this donation, it will be greatly appreciated and put to good use.

21 Other Notes Box Tops for Education are being collected. Please collect those at home and send them to school to help earn our school purchase new items for the students.

22 Curriculum Night Thank you for coming. Please make sure you signed in, received the curriculum brochure and recess permission form.

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