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Welcome We are going to have a “super” 3 rd grade year!

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1 Welcome We are going to have a “super” 3 rd grade year!

2 Tonight, parents will… know and understand their role in the Parent Learning Community. know ways they can be involved with their child’s classroom and school. understand the expectations of a student at Samuel Beck Elementary

3 NISD Beliefs

4 In partnership with the community, Beck Elementary is committed to success for all learners, ensuring a safe environment that implements rigorous, relevant curricula, and focused instruction. Samuel Beck Elementary Mission Statement

5 Super Schedule 7:45—8:40Block #1 (Homeroom) *Schemmel ( Math / Science) *Bell (LA / Social Studies) 8:40- 9:35PE / ART / MUSIC 9:35- 11:10 Block #1 (Homeroom) *Schemmel ( Math / Science) *Bell (LA / Social Studies) 11:10- 12:45Block#2 (Switch classes) 12:45- 1:15Lunch 1:15- 1:45Recess 1:45- 2:35 Block #2 (continued) 2:45Dismissal

6 Teaching with Love & Logic Rewarding and Recognizing Good Behavior

7 Communication and Notes *Work Sent Home *Planners *Email / voicemail Transportation Changes *Birthday Treats *Weekly Newsletters on Websites *Check Websites for information

8 Student Planner Expectations *Sent home daily *Homework / Assignments *Sign each day by parents ~good place to write notes

9 Organization of Student Materials *Green Folder --Green folder is “Take Home” folder : sent home daily --Other folders are used in class *Switching Classes --planner, green folder, pencil bag

10 Grading & Homework Guidelines *District Grading Guidelines/Homework *Progress Reports / Report Cards *Make-Up Work

11 eSchool Plus Grade Book *NISD provides grades online through the Home Access Center (HAC). Paper copies of progress reports and report cards can be provided for students in grades 1 – 5 upon request. Kinder students will receive a paper copy due to the format. *A letter will be sent home with each student that has the information parents need to access grades online. *If you have not received this letter about the Home Access Center (HAC), please contact the front office at

12 Volunteering *WATCH DOGS (Dads of Great Students) *Field Trips (1) ~Elm Fork in Denton (UNT) October 29, 2014 *Only 2 chaperones per class *Renew / paperwork for background check *Room Mom - if you want to support your student’s class, please reach out to the room mom - Schemmel’s Room Mom= Melissa Coz - Bell’s Room Mom= Stacey Glover

13 *Student laptops and iPad carts *Data Projectors *Document Cameras *Distance Learning *Ipad Apps *Eduphoria *Home Access Technology in Action

14 Math Series!!! *Stepping Stones Designed to: *Help students make sense of mathematics and learn that they can be mathematical thinkers *Focus on computational fluency as a major goal *Emphasize reasoning about mathematical ideas

15 SCIENCE Ms. Schemmel Inquiry Based Curriculum Science Journals Science Inquiry Presentations will replace Science Fair

16 Language Arts Mrs. Bell Reading Workshop- *Independent Readers / Self-Selected Texts / Genre *Literature Groups / Book Clubs ~Novels, Library books, Guided Reading Library Writing Workshop- *Writing Process ~Narrative and Informational Texts ~Journals, Responses to reading, Prompts, etc. ~Rubric Assessments, Writing Portfolio Grammar/Spelling *Check planners for word list

17 Social Studies Mrs. Bell Integrated with Language Arts Curriculum *Communities *Map Skills *Research

18 STAAR Testing Dates Math- Monday May 9, 2016 Reading- Tuesday May 10,2016

19 Thank you so much for spending this time with us!!! We are looking forward to a great year. Kelley Schemmel: Maggie Bell:

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