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Seven Hills Elementary Your future begins NOW! 3 rd grade.

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1 Seven Hills Elementary Your future begins NOW! 3 rd grade

2 3 rd Grade Team  Kim Brister 817-698-1703  Brenda Franks 817-698-1707  Dee Ann Willis 817-698-1709  Nicole Rutledge 817-215-0726

3 Tonight parents will…  Understand their role in the parent community  Know ways they can be involved in their child’s classroom and school  Understand the role of a student at Seven Hills  Understand the rituals and routines that make Seven Hills a successful learning community.

4 Communication  We need parents email addresses!  Make sure we have updated phone numbers  Texting parents – sign them up for Remind 101  Paperless communication  Teacher newsletters  Teacher Websites

5 REMIND 101  We will have a way to contact you with important information via text message.  Please text @c9739 to 720-358-2831 You can send an email to To receive messages via email

6 Website

7 Grade Level Newsletter

8 Internet Grade Viewing

9 Login Screen

10 Home Screen

11 Alerts

12 Workshop Model  Reading, Writing, Math and Science follow the workshop model  Opening, work period, and closing  Students all work at their level.  The teacher introduces concepts at the opening.  The teacher pulls groups or individuals during the work period  Students become teachers at the closing

13 Reading & Writing  Reader’s & Writer’s Notebook  Goal Notebooks  Anchor charts  Reading logs  Reading levels charted  Million Word Challenge  Book of the Month

14 Reading & Writing  Summarizing, Inferring, Drawing Conclusions, Author’s Purpose, Cause and Effect, Sequencing, Using both fiction and non- fiction  3 rd Graders are held accountable for all second grade grammar, spelling, and conventions (capitalization and punctuation)  We have a daily skills practice time for spelling.  Reading logs will be checked weekly. There will be a spelling test every Friday.

15 Math  Math Investigations  Conceptual learning  Importance of knowing their math facts  Anchor Charts  Notebooking  Examples on Mrs. Russell’s website

16 Math  Expectations: Students will show work on all problems.  Addition facts to 20, Multiplication facts to 12x12  Addition, Subtraction, Multiplication, Graphing, Problem Solving, Measurement  Math homework will be given for the entire week on Monday. Every Friday we will go over the homework.

17 Science  Inquiry Process  Workshop Model  Physical, Earth and Life Science  Notebooking  Anchor Charts

18 Social Studies  Citizenship  Culture  Economics  Geography  History

19 Classroom Management  STAR Binder  STAR Parties  STAR Awards

20 Technology in Action  Netbook Carts  iPads and Carts  Classroom Response Systems  Digital Cameras  Eduphoria  Millions of Apps and Websites  Video Announcements  Nooks in 3 rd Grade from a grant

21 STAAR Testing Days  Math is Tuesday, April 22 nd  Reading is Wednesday, April 23rd

22 Conferences  We will schedule a parent/teacher conference with all of our parents as we finish testing and gathering data.  You may sign up tonight and your teacher will remind you of your conference when the date comes closer.  If you would ever like to meet with us; just let us know and we are happy to meet with you.

23 Homework  The purpose of homework is to reinforce concepts that have already been taught in class.  Homework should not be difficult for students because it is just practice.  Math homework will be due every Friday. Reading homework needs to be up to date daily. They must log 20 minutes every night.

24 Specials  Specials (Art, Music, PE and Library)  Information on Curriculum goals Scheduling and conference times Choir Recorder Photography Club Fitness testing Family fitness fun run  Can be found on their individual pages

25 Elementary Education Brochure

26 Questions?????

27 Thank You!!  We appreciate your help and support!  It is going to be a great year!

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