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Welcome to Second Grade at Meadowdale Elementary!.

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1 Welcome to Second Grade at Meadowdale Elementary!

2 How to Reach Us Put a note in your child’s folder. We can be reached by phone 425-431-7754 or e-mail and

3 Math Math Expressions – Daily Quick Practice of basic facts and skills already learned. – Math lesson with White board practice Math Talk Time to practice what we learned Working in our math books Using manipulatives to help our thinking Daily 5 Math – Homework that matches lessons from class

4 Reader’s Workshop Everyday students Independent Read, write about their thinking in Response Journals, have conferences and small groups with Ms. Hall Benchmark Literacy Lessons – One unit every 3 weeks Week 1, we learn with posters Week 2, we learn with a Big Book story Week 3, we learn with a Readers Theater Word Study – we learn new words, and how to spell and read challenging words. Daily 5

5 Read to Self Read to Someone Listen to Reading Word Work Work on Writing

6 Writer’s Workshop This year students will write: Narrative – fiction and nonfiction stories Opinion-writing that states an opinion about different topics Informative – writing that teaches or informs Writer’s Notebooks – Students will be able to write stories that they choose

7 Science Learning about the Scientific Method The Kits we receive from Edmonds – The Lifecycle of a Butterfly – Balance and Motion Use a Science Notebook

8 Social Studies Communities Map Skills Basic Geography

9 HomeworkHomework Math – One page each night- Mon-Thur Reading – Please read for 20 minutes a night – Read at least 4 nights a week and fill out weekly reading log Spelling – Practice words 3-5 minutes daily – Tests every Friday

10 Parent Communication Monthly Newsletters will be sent home. PLEASE CHECK OUT OUR CLASSROOM WEBSITE AT THE Meadowdale Elementary WEBSITE!

11 Field Trips & Special Presentations November - Seattle Pacific Science Center (Approx. $7.00) March - “The BFG” at the Village Theatre in Everett (Approx. $7.00) April/May- Transit trip (Free)

12 Volunteers Please take a volunteer form home with you and fill out if you are interested in volunteering. Send it back in your child’s homework folder.

13 Thanks for coming to Curriculum Night!

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