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Please find the seat with your name card on it before the bell.

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1 Please find the seat with your name card on it before the bell

2 Mrs. Talmage Common Core Math 8 2014-2015 Room 44

3 About Mrs. Talmage Before I was a teacher I: Graduated from UC San Diego Worked at SeaWorld as an Educator for 3 years Coached Competitive Gymnastics for 13 years

4 About Mrs. Talmage 3 rd Year at RVMS Kenilworth Middle School Casa Grande High School Petaluma High School My doggie, Bug, who is a Papillon (Butterfly!)

5 My Expectations 1. Students should come prepared to work hard each day! 0 Bring required materials to class each day 0 Be in your seat, with supplies, ready to begin!

6 My Expectations 2. Students must be respectful to themselves, their peers, my classroom and myself 0 During direct instruction, there is ONE person talking at a time 0 During direct instruction if you are not talking you are ACTIVELY listening 0 Each student is entitled to their right to learn, and any disruptive behavior that interferes with that will not be tolerated

7 My Expectations 3. Students should be willing to listen, assist, and engage with their peers (See Study Team Guidelines Poster) 0 We will work in groups or partners a majority of our class time 0 Each student in this class has unique and valuable talents and skill sets to contribute to this subject

8 Grades: CategoriesWeights Assessment: Individual Tests, Quizzes, and Projects 50% Daily Work: Homework, Classwork, Toolkit notes 40% Team Work: Collaborative Tests and Projects 10% A94-100% A-90-93% B+88-89% B84-87% B-80-83% C+78-79% C74-77% C-70-73%

9 Daily Required Materials 0 Pencils (many, all sharpened or mechanical) 0 Pen (no red ink) 0 Binder (contains: toolkit, graph paper, new work and current handouts) 0 Graph Paper ($1 for 50 sheets at the student store) 0 Scientific Calculator (recommended TI-30; NO graphing calculators) 0 Ruler 0 Highlighters 0 Colored Pencils 0 Composition Notebook with graph paper (for toolkit notes and warm-ups) 0 Planner

10 Homework and Corrections 0 Expect homework to be assigned EACH day in class 0 If we do not finish work in class, it becomes homework 0 Graded on a rotational schedule for neatness, accuracy, completion, and effort (check, plus, no mark) 0 Most assignments are worth 5 points 0 Graph paper is required for all assignments 0 Only neat work done IN PENCIL is accepted 0 Homework is corrected the day it is due and then turned in for grading/credit

11 Make-Up Work 0 Students are allowed one make-up day for each excused absence 0 Students are responsible for obtaining any missed assignments through any of the following sources: 0 Calling a study buddy, checking the homework hotline, reading the class assignment calendar 0 Late work is not accepted***

12 Toolkit Notes 0 Must be in a composition notebook with graph paper (sold at the student store and most office supply stores) 0 Will be a study resource and a place to organize warm-ups 0 Notes will be graded during Individual Tests (at the end of each unit) based on neatness, number of entries, single entries, and completion 0 At the end of each quarter there will be a warm-up test (open book) ***Toolkit setup is on MONDAY!

13 Team Tests 0 Team tests are usually given just before the individual test 0 Worth 10% of overall grade 0 Taken in teams of 4 0 Gives students a preview of what the test will look like and an opportunity to review Unit material with peers 0 Use as a practice test to study!

14 Individual Tests and Projects 0 There will be a test at the end of each unit and a project in every unit except unit 2 0 Tests, Projects, and quizzes make up 50% of overall grade 0 Test resources

15 Extra Help: Where can you go? 0 Homework club: Tuesdays and Thursdays afterschool from 3:10-4:10pm (you must be on time and stay for the whole hour) 0 SSRW 0 Afterschool help from Mrs. Talmage 0 Call a study buddy! 0 Go to Mrs. Talmage’s website:

16 Classroom Tour 0 Agenda and Assignment Board 0 Student Station and Team Boxes 0 Grades 0 Makeup Work Station (Calendar, handouts, turn-in) 0 Extra Credit Area

17 In your planner: Algebra Readiness Guidelines and Expectations paper is due on Monday 8/25 with a parent or guardian signature Materials Check on Monday 8/25 Extra Credit Opportunity: Visit Mrs. Talmage’s website and submit a contact form with your name and the link that you followed (Due Monday 8/25)

18 Enough talking, let’s begin!

19 Index Cards, Late Passes, Tickets

20 Index Cards 1. Math Goal: Choose one achievement that you would like to focus on this year (cannot be based on a grade) 2. Highlights about yourself as a learner: (don’t like to ask questions, love math, love English, like to build, tired in the morning, etc) 3. Hobbies: 2-3 interests or hobbies (sports, activities, clubs, favorite things to do in spare time, etc.) 4.Name of your math teacher last year : (if you did not attend RVMS, tell me what school you attended)

21 HW Today: Getting to Know You 0 Due tomorrow for 5 points!

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