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WELCOME TO ALGEBRA 2!! Mrs. Shattuck Room 102 2012-2013.

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1 WELCOME TO ALGEBRA 2!! Mrs. Shattuck Room 102 2012-2013

2 Contact Information: 781-319-3755 Website:

3 TEXT BOOK: Algebra 2, McDougal Littell Website: Access Code: MCDX5KYPV55YV

4 Behavior Expectations and Classroom Conduct BE ON TIME AND READY TO WORK: There will always be either a warm up or homework answers to check when you walk in. Be self -motivated! COME PREPARED: This is school….you will need a notebook and a writing utensil. Have your homework ready. RESPECT: Respect yourself, respect your classmates, respect the teacher, respect the facility. ACADEMIC HONESTY: Discussing problems and working together in math is crucial, however, copying someone else’s work or cheating on a quiz or test is not acceptable.

5 Materials: Every class you MUST bring… A notebook just for this class. A Graphing Calculator (TI-83+ recommended). CELL PHONES ARE NOT TO BE USED AS CALCULATORS. A covered text book. A pen or pencil.

6 Suggested Math Notebook: I suggest getting a three ring binder with 3 tabs just for this class! The tabs should be labeled as follows: Notes: daily notes, class work assignments Homework: all your homework assignments. Each assignment should be started on a new page in case the assignment is collected. Quizzes/Tests: all your quizzes and tests should be kept in this section.

7 Grading Policy: Point System Term Grade = total points earned/ total possible points Point values of assignments will be given beforehand Homework: given every class Class work: some activities will be collected and/or worth points toward your grade Quizzes: generally every 2-3 sections Tests: generally given after every unit

8 Because you love homework… It will be checked and reviewed at the beginning of every class. Late assignments are not accepted. All work must be shown. A list of answers in unacceptable. Worth 3 points and graded as follows:  3 points: all problems done or attempted with all work shown  2 points: most problems completed with all work shown  1 point: few problems completed with work shown  0 points: no problems completed OR a list of answers with no work

9 If you are absent: You missed work. Assignments are listed in the back of the room and on my website. Get the notes from a classmate. PowerPoint presentations are also available on my website. If you are absent for n days, you have n days to make up your work. This goes for tests and quizzes. It is your responsibility to see me about making up tests and quizzes!

10 Please note: If you are absent the class before a previously announced quiz or test, you are expected to take that quiz or test with the rest of the class. All tests and quizzes will also be announced on my website.

11 EXTRA HELP: Tuesdays and Thursdays after school, unless otherwise stated. Appointments can be made outside these times, if needed. I WANT YOU TO SUCCEED!! WE LEARN BY ASKING QUESTIONS, SO PLEASE SEE ME IF YOU HAVE QUESTIONS OR CONCERNS.

12 A detailed syllabus of this course is found on the MHS website. Part of your first homework assignment is to read this and have your parents/guardians read it. Print out last page and sign it, indicating that you have read and understand the expectations.


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