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Supplies Needed Pencils- at least 2 sharpened pencils in math each day Extra Eraser 3-ring binder for math only- 1 ½ ” will do 4 divided sections: –Do-Now.

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3 Supplies Needed Pencils- at least 2 sharpened pencils in math each day Extra Eraser 3-ring binder for math only- 1 ½ ” will do 4 divided sections: –Do-Now Activities –Notes/Classwork –Homework –Assessments/Graded Papers Lined Notebook Paper Graph Paper (for homework only) Calculator (Please put your name on calculator) –Math 8: TI-34 Multiview calculator –Algebra: TI-83 or 84 plus Graphing Calculator A zippered pencil case to hold pencils and calculator

4 Grading Breakdown Grades will be based on the following weighted averages: –Evaluations: 50% (2 Benchmark Exams & Unit Tests) Not able to be retaken –Assessments: 40% (3 Benchmark Exams & Quizzes) Able to be retaken Benchmarks must be taken until a score of 75% is reached –Practice: 10% (Homework and Quizzes)

5 Homework Assignments Most homework is graded for completeness –ALL homework problems must be attempted for full credit. Homework assignments are worth 3 points each ZAP! (Zeros Aren’t Permitted) –You can make up missing homework for full credit only if you attend either a lunch or afterschool homework make-up session AND complete the missing work. If you are absent, you have as many days as you were absent to complete your missed assignments and show them to me. –Same rule applies for missed tests, quizzes, and projects.

6 Absent from Class? You are responsible for any missing work –Absent students must get missed notes from other classmate Daily homework assignments and announcements are posted on refer to the Team Excel website. –It is your responsibility to let me know if you need a worksheet/test/quiz Reminder: Any student has the amount of days he/she was absent to make up any missed work for full credit. If you are planning on being absent, notify me ASAP to get any assignments beforehand.

7 Retaking an Assessment Any student can retake any assessment You must complete corrections for any mistake on original test –Must use “After Math” worksheet for corrections Retakes can only be taken after school –(Room 232 or GLC) Retake grade is final (not the higher grade) 1 week from when grades are entered into PowerSchool to make corrections & retake

8 Extra Help If you have questions or problems with your homework/classwork, please see me to arrange for extra help. Do not hesitate to ask questions in class or let me know when you are struggling. I am here to help. It is my goal to help each of you be successful this year!

9 Classroom Rules 1.Be Respectful: of your teacher, of your peers, of the learning time, of materials 2.Be Responsible: for being prepared to work, with assignments, cleaning workspace 3.Be Perseverant: keep working, keep trying, keep your group on track, ask questions, attempt it ALL ! 4.Come to class ready to learn.

10 Class Expectations Bully Free Zone –If you expect respect, be the first one to show it! Positivity is a MUST! –The only negative things allowed in class are negative numbers. Follow class rules everyday –With every adult and student in the room

11 How Do I Know How I’m Doing? Rewards Verbal Acknowledgement Parent Contact Written Note Home A stress free learning environment A pleasant & orderly classroom atmosphere A wonderful school year Consequences 1 st Time: Verbal Warning 2 nd Time: Lunch Detention 3 rd Time: After school detention and phone call home Severe or Repeated: Sent to office and phone call home/conference


13 Entering the Classroom 1.Come in quietly 2.Get any materials (whiteboards, calculators…) and go directly to your seat. 3.Take out your homework to be checked 4.Copy tonight’s homework in your agenda planner 5.Complete the Do-Now question on a “Do- Now” handout

14 Bathroom Procedure Bathroom Board List- First 3 people to write their name on board when entering class –Only during the first and last 5 minutes of class When I am teaching, the answer is NO (emergencies only) Only 1 student allowed at the bathroom at any time.

15 Entering Class Late 1.Enter Quietly 2.Put your late pass on my desk. 3.Go to your seat and get to work immediately. 4.After class, be sure to ask a classmate what you missed.

16 Checking Homework I will check while you are working on Do Now question We will go over questions using whiteboards ZAP- must attempt all work for questions if we have gone over the answers

17 During the Lesson Listen carefully, always be ready to take notes, respond, and participate. Raise your hand to ask a question. Transition quickly & quietly when moving into group work. Use time wisely and complete classwork.

18 Getting Your Attention When I need your attention, I will… –Stand in front of the class and raise my hand to begin counting silently with my fingers –When all 5 fingers are raised, students should be quiet and waiting for further instruction

19 Borrowing Materials Textbooks will be used in class only, no one is permitted to take any out of classroom Pencils can be borrowed and used in this class only –Collateral Extra lined & graph paper next to cabinets

20 Lost Packets Most all classwork and homework packets can be found on “Ms. Knook’s Math Page” on the team Excel website Click on appropriate class and find the current unit

21 After the Lesson/Activity 1.Complete the closing activity or exit ticket and place on front desk 2.Check that you have the homework copied into your agenda book 3.Return any borrowed materials (calculators, pencils, whiteboards, rulers…)

22 End of Class Dismissal I dismiss the class, not the bell or clock Put all materials away Do NOT start packing up until after you have completed exit ticket Stay in your seats until I dismiss your with, “Have a nice day!”

23 If you finish work early… Check your work with other classmate Read a book Work ahead on other assignments Complete test/quiz corrections Finish any missing assignments Work on an assignment from other class

24 When a school-wide announcement is made… 1.Stop talking 2.Listen to announcement 3.Eyes on me to listen for further announcements

25 When visitors are in the classroom… 1.Continue with your work 2.Be polite to the guest, answer any questions if asked 3.Maintain your work if I am called away 4.Maintain classroom rules & procedures

26 Responding to a Fire Drill 1.Line-up at the door quietly. 2.Move together out the door to the right towards the main enterence. 3.Stay together as a class and listen for my directions


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