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Find your name and have a seat! Please get out a pen or pencil! Wait for instructions! Welcome to Physical Science C201.

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1 Find your name and have a seat! Please get out a pen or pencil! Wait for instructions! Welcome to Physical Science C201

2 Index Cards PLEASE PRINT NEATLY Name you go by. Parents/guardians name. School you came from Tell me one interesting thing about you! Or something interesting you did this summer, or something you hope to do one day.

3 Other Side Tell me what grade you will get in this class and explain why you will get that grade!

4 About me…

5 E-mail Addresses Mr.Madigan School E-mail Home E-mail

6 Always be… Prompt- 3 lates = detention Prepared- physically and mentally Polite- Everyone has bad days so… check your attitude at the door!

7 Food and Drinks No food allowed in the room! You may bring a water bottle. No glass or sodas allowed! Gum is allowed as long as… I don’t hear it or see it!

8 Bathroom 5 passes for the semester only! Each pass is worth 5 extra points (25 total) I Will double it if you hand it in at the end of semester un-used 50 points. Fill out clip board and pass.

9 In the Classroom Do not enter through back door of classroom. Do not touch anything in classroom. Ask first! DO NOT enter the Chemical Supply or my office in the back!

10 No Horse Play in Lab!

11 Homework NO LATE HOMEWORK ACCEPTED! Willfully not doing homework will result in a teacher assigned detention. 3 no HW’s=1 Detention = Parent Contact! Partial credit will always be given on tests and quizzes when applicable. However, homework is either completed or not completed. *There will be no partial credit given for uncompleted homework!

12 Make-up Work All work missed for an excused absence must be made up. If you have a valid excuse you will be given full credit and the necessary time for completion. YOU MUST ASK FOR THE MISSED WORK!!! Labs and tests must be made up after school on Tuesday or Thursday by appointment only. An activity bus is provided that leaves school at 4:00 p.m. Extra help will be given on Tuesday’s and Thursdays by appointment only. Call your study buddy's when you are absent to see what you have missed. Check the “While you were out” binder when you return to class first thing. Before you see me!

13 Grading Quizes / Notebook 25% Homework 15% Classwork/participation 10% Tests / Lab Reports 50% A final grade average of 70% or higher is required for successful completion of the course. The Final Exam is 20% of Final Grade. Each Marking period is worth 40%, making up 80% of final grade.

14 Grading System 98-100 = A+ 95- 97 = A 93- 94 = A- 91- 92 = B+ 87- 90 = B 85- 86 = B- 83- 84 = C+ 77- 82 = C 75-76 = C- 73-74 = D+ 72-71 = D 70 = D- 0- 69 = F

15 Materials A 2-3 inch three ring binder for your Handouts & Notes AGENDA’S! We use them everyday! Get one!!! A composition book with many sheets of paper. (Best if it also has 3 holes to fit into binder.) or Plenty of loose leaf paper in binder. A plethora of pencils. A pen may be used for notes but pencils are needed for labs. At least 4 different color pencils, pens or markers. A scientific CALCULATOR. This does not have to be expensive, but you will need it. A ruler

16 Binders You will be required to keep a binder of all notes, reference handouts, tests, and labs. I only give out handouts once! You will be given binder quizzes periodically. A 2-3 inch binder with pockets will be used to hold handouts, tests, and reference handouts & class notes. Binder dividers are suggested so that binder can be separated into sections. Your binder will be collected and graded at the end of the semester. So do not lose it! No binder=No grade!

17 ATTENDANCE PLEASE BE HERE EVERYDAY!!!! Upon returning from absence, a student must submit a written note from a parent/guardian explaining the reason for each absence to the Attendance Office at which time, the attendance monitor will amend the student’s attendance record using the appropriate attendance code. If a student does not present a note containing one of the legal excuses within three (3) days of returning to school, the absence will be unexcused and disciplinary consequences may result. A letter to parents/guardians will be sent at ten (10) and fifteen (15) cumulative daily absences per semester.

18 ATTENDANCE When a student reaches (10) cumulative absences in a semester, the guidance counselor will schedule an appointment with the student. When a student reaches fifteen (15) cumulative absences, building-level intervention will take place. Once a student has reached twenty (20) cumulative daily absences per semester, the student will receive a failing grade for all courses taken during that semester. The student remains in the classes for the semester and is expected to complete the curriculum. If the student earned a passing grade in a course, the grade would be replaced with a 69. If the student earned a failing grade in a course, that grade would stand.

19 Always Follow Directions!

20 Any Questions?

21 So what is Physical Science to you? Any branches of science, such as physics, chemistry, and astronomy and earth science, that study the nature and properties of energy and nonliving matter. Your Physical science will be broken down into 3 major units. Chemistry Physics Earth Science

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