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Reviewing Maps and Globes

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1 Reviewing Maps and Globes
Objective: Identify the seven continents and four oceans of the world. Define the terms: hemisphere, Equator, and Prime Meridian

2 Maps and Globes Maps and globes are tools that can be used to answer questions about locations of countries and cities, oceans and rivers, mountains and deserts. They show the shapes and sizes of places on earth. They can also help you to determine distances and directions between places. Globes are models, or small copies of the earth, and they provide very accurate information. Maps are drawing on flat surfaces of all or part of the earth.

3 The Seven Continents Large bodies of land are called continents. The seven continents of the world are… North America Europe Asia Africa Australia Antarctica South America

4 The Five Oceans The continents are separated from one another by bodies of water. The five oceans of the world are… Pacific Ocean Atlantic Ocean Indian Ocean Arctic Ocean Newly Added – The Southern Ocean

5 The Prime Meridian The Equator
The Equator divides the earth into the Northern and the Southern Hemisphere. It is an imaginary line of latitude that runs east and west and measures 0° latitude. The Prime Meridian divides the earth into the Eastern and Western Hemispheres. It is an imaginary line of longitude that runs north and south and measures 0° longitude.

6 The Equator and the Prime Meridian

7 Hemispheres Geographers use the term hemisphere to refer to half of the earth. The four hemispheres of the earth are…. The Northern and Southern Hemispheres Eastern and Western Hemispheres

8 Time To Review What is a continent? Name the continents that border the Atlantic Ocean. What is a hemisphere? What imaginary line separates the Northern and Southern hemispheres? What imaginary line separates the Eastern and Western hemispheres? How can using globes help you learn about the earth?

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