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Geography Review World History 1.

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1 Geography Review World History 1

2 Warm-Up Activity In what ways does geography affect our lives. Write down at least 3 examples and be ready to discuss them with the class. Hint: Think about climate and natural resources.

3 Geography Is the study of people, their environments, and the resources available to them.

4 Geographical Features
Mountains Deserts Forests Plains Oceans Lakes Rivers Can you think of any other?

5 What tools do we use to study Geography?
Globes: -retain the shape of Earth without distortion. -difficult to portray on paper. Maps: -convenient -project land 2 dimensionally causing distortion.

6 Maps Map Projections: distort the true sizes and shapes of physical features in order to show them on paper Notice Greenland v. Africa

7 Types of Maps Political Maps: emphasize human-made features such as national borders and cities.


9 2. Physical Maps: emphasize the natural features of land and water.


11 3. Historical Maps: show change over time.


13 Finding Places on a Map Hemispheres: any half of the Earth.
4 hemisphere: north, south, east and west Equator: is exactly halfway between the North and South Pole. 0 degrees latitude.


15 Finding Places on a Map To find any place exactly on a map, you need 2 points: the latitude and longitude. Latitude: the distance north or south of the equator degrees N or S. Longitude: the distance east or west of the prime meridian E or W Prime Meridian: the 0 Degree line of longitude.


17 Map Activity On your map, color and label the following continents with their assigned color. North America –Blue South America- Red Europe- Green Africa- Yellow Asia- Purple Antarctica- Orange Australia - Brown Label the following oceans: Arctic, Indian, Pacific, Southern, and Atlantic. Draw a dotted line to indicate the Equator and Prime Meridian. Label each. Label the North and South Pole.

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