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5 PARAGRAPH ESSAY How do I structure my literary analysis?

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2 5 PARAGRAPH ESSAY How do I structure my literary analysis?

3 INTRODUCTION Needs to have: Attention getter Quote, image, surprising fact, anecdote, etc. Short plot summary Assume the reader HAS read the story, but years ago, and needs a little reminder Theme Identify what the author’s main point or purpose is in writing the story Thesis Include all literary elements to be discussed and how they relate to the theme

4 BODY PARAGRAPHS Focus on one literary element per paragraph PROVE IT- use quotes, or paraphrase what happened in the story to demonstrate your point Explain quote Relate quote to theme- SO WHAT? Use transitional statements between paragraphs

5 Speaking of using quotations… Remember: Cite your quotes! (Name Page) If you need to change words so that the quote makes sense, place new words in brackets [ ] Incorporate your quote into a sentence You can’t just plop them into the paragraph- then they’re naked!! Explain the quote without referencing it directly

6 CONCLUSION Restate the thesis, but DO NOT use the same wording Summarize each element and restate how it proves the theme This should take at LEAST 4 sentences Connect back to introduction- make an overall clincher to give a sense of global importance or finality

7 Topic Sentence and Idea #1 Clincher Transition, Topic Sentence and Idea #2 Clincher Transition, Topic Sentence, and Idea #3 Clincher Thesis

8 Outlining Thesis: Welty uses masterful symbolism, figurative language, and characterization in “A Worn Path” to depict exactly how influential love can be. I.Introduction A.Love i. Relationships between mothers and daughters ii. Grandmothers- Phoenix Jackson B.Thesis

9 II. Symbolism A. first aspect i. example (pg) B. second aspect i. example (pg) C. third aspect i. example (pg) Literary elements must be discussed in one paragraph for each element, and be given in the order listed in thesis!

10 III. Characterization- overcoming obstacles A. Phoenix’s age i. “I ought to be shut up for good… my senses are gone. I’m too old. I’m the oldest people I ever know” (282) B. Phoenix’s hallucinations ii. Sees “little boy bringing her a plate with a slice of marble cake on it… but when she went to take it there was just her hand in the air” (285) C. Phoenix’s forgetfulness iii. “sat and forgot why I made my long trip” (285)

11 By the way… From this point forward, AVOID 1 st and 2 nd person!! This means, I, you, us, we, our, etc.

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