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Getting the most points on your Literary Analysis Paper.

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1 Getting the most points on your Literary Analysis Paper

2 Read the Directions Carefully You must chose two works by different authors that have significant similarities as well as differences. As part of the assignment, you will quote from the primary text as well as include research from outside sources –a minimum of 3 outside sources is required.

3 Analysis Choose how you are going to analyze the two works you have chosen #1 - choose a specific literary concept we learned in class [such as romanticism, realism, or the fantastic] #2 – then choose three of the following points: character, audience, theme, symbolism, and overall message (are both works saying the same thing about life or something different?).

4 Summary versus Analysis A summary re-tells a story. An analysis examines the cause or effect of an incident in the story, compares or contrasts 2 characters, explains how an event occurred etc… Ex: Mary had a little lamb

5 Summary: Mary had a little lamb. It followed her to school. No lambs were allowed in school. The children laughed. Analysis: one reason Mary may have brought the lamb to school was to get attention. All the children “laughed and played”, making Mary feel at the center and popular.

6 Summary Page 1 page, single space, brief summary of both works. * This will be the last page of your Literary Analysis Paper.

7 Writing Your Essay Basic essay parts Introduction [lead in, transition sentences, thesis] Body Paragraphs [ topic sentences, good examples, and quotes] Conclusion [restates thesis in different words, summarizes main points, gives your opinion]

8 Introduction + Title Clever Title Interesting attention getter Transition sentences that announce the two works Thesis Statement + plan of development

9 Body Paragraphs Topic sentence with transition Main points supported by quotes from the two works and outside sources Clear illustration how the quote supports your point

10 Using quotes in Essay Using a quote requires 3 sentences 1. Your Idea 2. Quote 3. Explanation how quote supports your idea

11 Quote Examples 1.Mary appears to have a fetish for lamb wool 2. Dr. Benton states that “ Mary’s proclivity for her lamb makes her pet it often and bring it with her.” (Benton 22) 3. Her constant need to touch and stroke her lamb illustrates Mary’s obsession.

12 Conclusion Restate your thesis in different words Tells what you’ve learned by analyzing the two works What did you learn about poetry, short stories and plays?

13 Works Cited Page & Summary Works Cited - Follow Correct MLA Format –Write MLA Information as you research! Summary page is the last page of your essay.

14 Quick Tips for College Essays Ask Questions Early Start Sooner than Later Research, Then Outline, Then Write Librarians Can Help Go to the Writing Center Share Your Essay

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