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Kindergarten Curriculum Night Kyrene de los Lagos 2011-2012.

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1 Kindergarten Curriculum Night Kyrene de los Lagos 2011-2012

2 Kindergarten Curriculum  Reading  Phonics  Speaking  Listening  Writing  Handwriting Language Arts Mathematics  Counting & Cardinality  Operations & Algebraic Thinking  Number & Operations  Measurement & Data  Geometry

3 Kindergarten Curriculum Continued…  Science  Social Studies  Health  Technology  Library  Music  Art   P.E.

4 Homework  practice skills  apply new learning  develop study habits  share learning with family members  Read 10 minutes at least 5 nights a week  Alphabet Sheets  Leveled Reader  Practice Refrigerator Words

5 Family/School Communication Positive notes or phone calls Parent/Teacher /Student Conferences Weekly Newsletters Kindergarten Website Special Events Parent Participation

6 FAMILY INVOLVEMENT Ask your child specific questions each day. Review homework with your child. Call or email with questions, concerns, celebrations. Volunteer in the classroom. Work at class parties. Join us for special activities. Attend conferences.

7 ODDS AND ENDS Behavior Every child begins their day with a green card. Green means you earn free choice on our special days. I will contact you if your child receives a red card. Birthdays We celebrate with songs, and stories. Children wear a birthday crown. Can donate a “birthday book” to Lagos or classroom library.

8 ODDS AND ENDS continued Heat Safety Have your child wear cool clothing. Send water bottle every day - freezing it part way works well! Wear sunscreen! Other Wear tennis shoes on P.E. days. Call the attendance line for absence. Let us know of any “going home” or home info changes in writing

9 Before you leave tonight... Write a special message to your child. Check out the children‘s work in the classroom and in the hallway. Check out our Wish list on the door. Sign up for colored snack. Thank you!

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