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Savannah Elementary Second Grade It is very important that you look at your child’s binder on a daily basis. Be sure to sign your child’s conduct communication.

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2 Savannah Elementary Second Grade

3 It is very important that you look at your child’s binder on a daily basis. Be sure to sign your child’s conduct communication and reading log on a daily basis. Binders Binders may contain the following items: weekly newsletter conduct communication calendar classroom rules homework assignments parent/teacher communication reading log spelling list guided reading baggie/folder

4  In order to accommodate busy schedules we will send home homework each Monday. Typically this consists of math and spelling.  Homework will be due on Friday of that week. This is in addition to reading (guided reading book).  Your child must read for at least 15-20 minutes each night.  Sign their reading log in order for them to get credit.  If they do not read, they will change their color for the day and read during recess. It is important for them to return their guided reading books daily, because these books will be used during their guided reading lesson for the day. Homework

5 Students may get no more than 1 yellow and 3 blues in a six weeks period to be gatorrific. Being prepared by bringing all materials, books, binder, and homework is an expectation and will be a color change if not followed. Gatorrific Kids

6 CHAMPS C conversation level H how do I get help A activity M movement P participation S success! Champs is a proactive and positive approach to classroom management. The focus is on prevention and teaching expectations to students. We will teach students how to behave responsibly in each major activity and transition. When students are meeting CHAMPS expectations, we let them know that they are doing a good job by praising them and occasionally letting the class choose a special game or activity. When a student misbehaves, we try to correct the mistake by telling the student that behavior is unacceptable. We then give the student a chance to do it the right way. If the misbehavior continues, we may impose a color change.

7 Each day, please send a healthy snack for your child to eat. No Candy!! Your child will have plenty of opportunities to drink water throughout the day. Snacks

8 Toys We need an environment that is conducive to learning. Please leave all toys, games, dolls, electronics, and other novelties at home. Balls to use on the playground at recess only are allowed

9  We encourage parents to volunteer for a variety of things at Savannah.  Each parent who volunteers (helping in the classrooms, going on field trips, etc) must complete a criminal history check.  Please inform your child’s teacher if you need this form.  You may find information about joining our PTA on our school website. Volunteers

10 Second Grade Curriculum Language Arts Students are expected to read a level N with full comprehension and a fluency rate of 90 WPM by the end of the school year Students will establish a purpose for reading, make connections, retell and summarize, ask questions, comprehend, and use inference in a variety of texts Students will be able to use the writing process (plan, draft, revise, edit, publish) Students will research, organize, and present ideas

11 Math Students will master addition and subtraction facts to 18 Students understand the base-ten place value system Students can compare and order whole numbers Students can add and subtract two digit numbers Students can count a collection of coins up to $1.00 Students can tell time to the five minute interval Students will understand fractions Students will measure length, area, and capacity Students will interpret and draw conclusions from graphs Students will learn to problem solve and communicate mathematical ideas

12 Science/Health Students will use observation, investigation, and collecting and analyzing information to learn about the world around them Classify and change the properties of matter Water cycle, plant life cycle, animal life cycle Identify, measure, record, and graph weather information Distinguish between natural and manmade resources Health and safety Major organs in the body

13 Social Studies Students will identify and explain landmarks Students will understand timelines Students will identify and compare functions of government and leaders Students will learn about customs, symbols, and celebrations Students will identify the contributions of historical figures Students will identity major landforms and bodies of water and be able to use a map Students will learn about producers and consumers

14 Grading Procedures We are using a standards based report card which assesses skills based on meeting expectations, making progress, or needs intervention.

15 If you have any questions or concerns, please feel free to send a note, email or leave a message. Phone calls and emails will be returned after school. Please keep your child’s teacher informed of any family situations that could affect your child’s performance at school. Communication


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