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+ Back to School Night: Kindergarten August 22nd, 2013.

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1 + Back to School Night: Kindergarten August 22nd, 2013

2 + Welcome to Kindergarten! St. Jerome Class of 2022 Current count: 15 students, 7 boys, 8 girls Supply list change of clothes= uniform clothes

3 + Important Dates Get your calendars out! Monday, Sept. 2 nd is a holiday. Parent-Teacher conferences will be held Nov. 6 th -8 th from 1p- 6p. Sign up sheets will be sent home in October. Conferences are mandatory. Thanksgiving Feast will be held Tuesday, November 19 th. Spring Festival is May 18 th. Every parent is expected to donate 2 hours of their time to help raise money for our fabulous school! This is our school’s biggest fundraiser.

4 + Attendance and Procedures School begins each day at 8:12 am, and assembly begins at 8:15am. The rest of this week and next week are 12:00PM dismissals from Kindergarten. Beginning Tuesday, September 4 th, we will be on a full day schedule. School will begin at 8:12AM and students are dismissed at 3:00PM. The only exception is on ALL Wednesdays, dismissal is at 2:00pm. Pick up directly from the classroom. Students must wait inside the room until a parent or caregiver comes to the classroom door. Please notify me if there are any changes concerning who is picking your child up. Please try to schedule appointments outside of the school hours.

5 + Daily Schedule

6 + Communication Teamwork! Kindergarten Newsletter on Fridays Class website

7 + Homework 10 minutes a night Reading logs Worksheets Practice work Missing work and study habits Sharing Absent students will receive their missed work when they return. It is expected to be completed and turned in the following school day.

8 + Curriculum Aligning to the Common Core Reading Program: Superkids Parent portal- please return information sheets ASAP in order to be added to the portal Schedule Social Studies: holidays, citizenship, maps, presidents and important people Religion: We Believe (Sadlier) Science: seeds, butterflies, Rocky Seashore, sink/float Math: California Mathematics Overview: patterns, numbers through 30, time, addition, subtraction

9 + Discipline Everyone is treated with dignity and respect Follow the golden rule and use Jesus as a role model Rainbow Chart Daily communication chart Brownie Points Class Points

10 + Healthy Brains healthy and simple snack each day 10.75-12 hours of sleep a night.

11 + Birthdays Not necessary to bring birthday treats If you choose to bring birthday treats, please do the following: (1) give one week’s notification so I may incorporate time in our daily schedule, (2) be sure the treats are all the same type/flavor, and (3) provide enough snack for all 15 kindergarteners. Lastly, invitations to personal parties may be handed out in class only if ALL students, or ALL girls, or ALL boys are invited. Otherwise, please give invitations privately. Celebrations at 2:45pm Can also donate a book to our classroom library in lieu of bringing treats invitations

12 + Odds and Ends If you are coming to volunteer or drop something off during school hours, please ring the door bell and the office staff will let you in. Volunteers sign in using the clipboard located in the hallway and must wear a Visitor badge while on campus. Room parent volunteers- Swarupa Gokhale & Deborah Arrington Kindergarten Newsletter goes out on Fridays. I’ll use that as my primary form of communication with you to let you know about any upcoming events and important dates.

13 + Thank you! Q&A Please write your child a note inside his/her school bus and leave it on his/her name tag. We’ll read them tomorrow during reading centers. Thanks so much for coming! I look forward working with you and your child in the upcoming year!

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