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Getting Ready for Kindergarten Welcome to Kindergarten!

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1 Getting Ready for Kindergarten Welcome to Kindergarten!

2 Welcome to Visitation / Orientation at South Row School Welcome! Academics Health Services Transportation From the office Logistics

3 Welcome A view of kindergarten….

4 Academic Calendar & Schedules School Hours – 8:50am – 11:45am 12:30 - 3:18pm Arrival & Dismissal – AM / PM 180 Days of School – Attendance Importance Parent Involvement: PTO’s, School Council, etc. CORI Law

5 Curriculum-Literacy Kindergarten Reading Curriculum – Journey’s Reading Curriculum Literacy Block – Lively letters, guided reading, writer’s workshop.

6 Curriculum-Math Math Expressions Skills: Number sense, counting skills, Patterns, Graphing Skills, Geometry, addition, introduction to subtraction

7 A Kindergarten Half Day Morning Meeting Literacy Activity Snack Specialist – Art, Music, Library, Physical Education Math Activity Second Step / PRIDE Dismissal

8 Specialists Four of five days your child will participate in a 35 minute specialist period. These include art, music, physical education, and library. Sneakers are required for participation in physical education class. Library books are circulated weekly. Every other week – social skills/computer

9 Assessments Your child will be assessed throughout the school year in all areas of the curriculum. Assessments include individual testing as well as student observation. Your child’s progress will be discussed during parent/teacher conferences.

10 Report Cards Kindergarten report cards are distributed twice a year in January and June. The Chelmsford Public Schools report cards are now available online on your X2 Family Portal Account

11 Staying in touch with the school HOME LINK – Weekly communication Website Front page – upcoming events, pictures, scrolling calendar. Teachers – monthly newsletters / webspace update / daily form in folder

12 Transportation Notify teachers with changes Buses: Bus routes for AM / PM published. Mid day – begin at 12pm. Bus pass Car / Walk: Drop off – back door car line / walkers in the front door Pick up – AM – back door / PM - cafeteria

13 Health Services Peggy Gump Immunizations Physical Exam Eye exam / Ear exam Health Concerns Allergies If your child is sick? Breakfast/snacks / lunch Clothes in the backpack just in case.

14 From the office… About Mrs. Sullivan & Mrs. Boshar Green Notepads Communication in writing Early Release Days

15 Preparing for Kindergarten Get excited! Read daily. Write or color often Find math in daily activities. Go over safety rules. Establish a routine - Practice healthy habits – nutrition, physical activity & sleep Understand your child.

16 What Happens Next? Class placements will be mailed by June 30th (AM/ PM) Tours – this week Kindergarten social - August Visitation - September Open House - September Transportation information needs to be given to teachers at Visitation.

17 Before you leave… Did you sign in? South Row Fact Sheet Questions? Check out the PTO table!

18 Thank you for coming tonight!

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