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Kindergarten Curriculum Night

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1 Kindergarten Curriculum Night
Mrs. Bouchillon

2 Language Arts Speak in complete sentences
Identify and produce rhyming words Identify words with the same beginning sounds Blend and break words apart by syllables and individual sounds (such as cat, c-a-t).

3 Language Arts Identify all uppercase and lowercase alphabet letters and identify and produce all letter sound relationships. Identify 15 sight words by middle of the year and 35 words by the end of the year.

4 DRA Developmental Reading Assessment Unseen text
Oral reading (ability to call the words on the page) Fluency (speed & expression or intonation), Retelling/comprehension (ability to share or retell the story to a friend who has never seen/heard/read the text) Expectations by of end of year is to read a DRA level 4 (fiction and non-fiction)

5 Writing Plan a first draft by generating ideas for writing through class discussion Develop drafts by sequencing the action of details in the story Share writing with others Dictate or write information for lists, captions, or invitations

6 Mathematics Geometry Algebraic Reasoning Numeration Measurement
Our mathematics curriculum spirals each grading period.

7 Science Follow safety rules.
Use science tools to participate in simple experiments. Identify the states of matter: solid, liquid, and gas. Observe and describe a variety of rocks and soil such as clay and sand.

8 Science Distinguish between living and nonliving things.
Identify basic needs of organisms such as food, water, air, and a place to live. Observe changes that are part of a simple life cycle of a plant.

9 Social Studies We begin with rules, laws and authority figures
Pledges are recited during the announcements Social Studies is taught throughout the year and integrated into Language Arts Participation grades recorded on the report card

10 D3 Time Dragons Digging Deeper
All students 45 minutes per day Students will enrich their learning by working on targeted areas based on the child's needs. Data from common assessments

11 Attendance Time with the teacher equals student success!

12 Homework Homework Calendar Read 20 minutes every night!

13 Parent Conference Kindergarten will begin parent conferences in October. Sign-up Genius

14 Parent Access You will need your child’s student ID number to log-in.
CISD website – Parents – Parent Access

15 Volunteer You must register online to be a volunteer.
Deretchin webpage – Parents – Volunteer in CISD

16 Daily Dragon Folders Primary mode of communication between parent and teacher. Please help your child keep this folder neat and current.

17 Dragon Conduct Calendar
Used to document behavior Areas of concern will be noted on the calendar (if necessary). Please sign the calendar at the end of each week. Do not remove! New to Kindergarten - E

18 Snack Children may bring a nutritious snack from home each day.
Unhealthy snacks such as chips or cookies may not be consumed during snack time. Please put your child’s snack in their backpack (not in their lunch box) and only send one snack per day.

19 Lunch 12:15-12:45 No visitors the first 3 weeks.
CISD website - Child Nutrition Checks made out to “Child Nutrition Department”

20 Birthdays Treats can be passed out in your child’s classroom at 12:45pm. Please contact your child’s teacher prior to the date.

21 Money Please send money (cash or check) in an envelope with your child’s name. Do not send loose money.

22 Scholastic Book Orders
Sent home about once a month Class activation code Our class earns free books with every order!

23 Transportation Changes
Please keep your child’s transportation tag on the backpack all year. We cannot accept changes via or phone.

24 Medications Give to our school nurse, Mrs. Colleen
Please apply sunscreen at home for special events

25 Label Items From Home Backpacks, lunch boxes, jackets and other clothing items that can be removed should be labeled with your child’s name.

26 Library Students will alternate between a library lesson and the computer lab each week. Books will be checked out weekly as long as the library book is returned.

27 Special Events FABULOUS FIFTIES! November 7 @ 5:00pm
Kindergarten’s Parent Event We will be celebrating the first 50 days of school with fun math activities!

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