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All About Diabetes By: Joanna Gomola For ages 18+

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2 All About Diabetes By: Joanna Gomola For ages 18+

3 What Is Diabetes Disorder of metabolism Chronic disease High levels of sugar in the blood

4 What Is Diabetes? (con’t) Insulin=hormone Converts sugar & starches into energy Pancreas produces too little/much insulin Cells don’t respond appropriately to insulin

5 Types Of Diabetes: Prediabetes Type 1 Type 2 Gestational diabetes

6 Prediabetes: Blood glucose is high Not high enough to be diabetes Can be prevented by: Diet changes Increasing physical activity

7 Prebiabetes Statistics: Currently 79 million people have prediabetes About 11% of people develop diabetes Type 2 may develop within 10 years 58% chance of lowering risk with: Exercise Losing 7% body weight

8 Type 1 Diabetes: Previously known as juvenile diabetes Autoimmune disease Can occur at any age: Young children Teens Young adults Develops over a short period Body makes little or no insulin Daily injections of insulin are needed

9 Type 1 Diabetes Statistics: 5% of people with diabetes have type 1 Approximately 80 people diagnosed daily If managed, person can live long

10 Faces Of Type 1 Diabetes:

11 Type 2 Diabetes: Often labeled as adult onset Body may not produce enough insulin Body may ignore insulin produced Usually occurs in adulthood Can be diagnosed in young adults Mainly associated with: Older age Obesity Family history of diabetes Physical inactivity & certain ethnicities

12 Type 2 Diabetes Statistics: Most common form of diabetes Most common among: African Americans Latinos Native Americans Asian Americans & Pacific Islanders 90-95% of people with diabetes have type 2 80% with type 2 are overweight

13 Faces of Type 2 Diabetes:

14 Gestational Diabetes: High blood sugar levels during pregnancy Hormones from the placenta block insulin Untreated & poorly controlled can harm baby Usually occurs in: Ethnic groups Women with a family history of diabetes

15 Gestational Diabetes Statistics: Usually occurs around the 24 th week Affects 18% of pregnancies Usually disappears after birth 40-60% greater risk of developing type 2

16 Faces Of Gestational Diabetes:

17 Risk Factors Of Diabetes: Type 1 Genetics & family history Diseases of the pancreas Infections or illnesses

18 Risk Factors Of Diabetes: Type 2 Obesity/being overweight Insulin resistance Ethnic background High blood pressure Family history Sedentary lifestyle Age

19 Risk Factors Of Diabetes: Gestational Diabetes Obesity/being overweight Previous glucose intolerance Family history Age

20 Do you have any of these symptoms?

21 Treatment & Care of Diabetes: No cure for diabetes People are encouraged to learn about: The latest medical therapies & approaches & healthy lifestyle choices Blood glucose meters are important to use Insulin injections may be necessary Treatment involves: Medicines Diet & exercise to control blood sugar

22 Complications: Diabetes can cause complications with your: Eyes Feet Ears Skin Blood pressure Kidneys Heart Nerves Oral health & mental health

23 Diabetes Myths: Diabetes is not a serious disease Overweight/obese people will develop diabetes Eating too much sugar causes diabetes Diabetics should eat diabetic foods Diabetics can’t eat sweets/chocolate Diabetics can only eat small amounts of: Breads Potatoes Pasta

24 Diabetes FACT:

25 References:

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