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College Application Night September 30, 2014 Graduation is right around the corner!

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1 College Application Night September 30, 2014 Graduation is right around the corner!

2 College Application Night Agenda  Final to do list and timelines  Student, Counselor, Parent Responsibilities  Reminders: What goes into the college application?  Naviance Family Connection  Question and Answer

3 Senior Fall To-Do List

4 Senior Fall to-do list  Graduation Requirements  Ensure schedule carries enough credits and all graduation requirements are met  Student responsibility  Make an appointment with your School Counselor  Discuss final list of schools and deadlines  Come prepared with questions or concerns, take notes  If student is not applying to college, that’s OK too, please set up an appointment with your counselor to discuss your plans and how we c can help!  Early Action/Early Decision deadlines require an earlier meeting  If you haven’t already, students should make an appt NOW please  Make sure you SIGN the Early Decision Agreement, a parent/guardian, and counselor also have to sign.

5 Senior Fall to-do list  Share essay with School Counselor and English teacher  Participate in our College Visits!!!!!!  If a student has a school on their Naviance list, they automatically get email reminders about upcoming visits  Take SATs/ ACTs again in fall if student needs or wants  STUDENT RESPONSIBILITY: Send official SAT/ACT scores to colleges  This process can take up to 6 weeks  Be aware of early deadlines  Request transcripts online through Naviance  Stay on top of your application deadlines! Be aware of priority deadlines for scholarships and certain majors/programs

6 Senior Fall To-Do List RECOMMENDATION Letters:  Students complete COUNSELOR QUESTIONNAIRE  Students should give counselors a copy of resume  The more specific and thorough the student completes questionnaire, the better the letter will be  Remind parents to do parent response form  Request TEACHER RECOMMENDATIONS through Naviance  Provide copy of resume-sit down to chat about your hopes, dreams, goals, favorite schools, what you are looking for in an academic program, what extracurricular activities you plan to be active in on campus, etc  Coach/Other Recommendations  Bring a stamped and addressed envelope

7 The actual application

8 What is in a college application?  STUDENT Sends In:  Common Application or individual school application  The bulk of the application  Lists all of biographical info, school history, classes, activities, short and long essays  Supplements  Standardized Tests: SAT I, SAT II, ACT  Students go to or and send their scores to EACH school. This is not automatic and can take up to 6 weeks.  Schools have different requirements- student responsibility  Schools will take your best scores in each category  Not necessary to take test more than 3 times

9 What is in a college application?  COUNSELOR Sends In:  School Profile  A snapshot of our school and community  Your transcript  All final average grades from every class 9 th grade-current senior year grades  Your GPA and class rank on your transcript  Secondary School Report  Lists all senior year classes, GPA, rank, asks counselor about your academic history, integrity, motivation, etc  School Counselor Recommendation  We talk about academics, extra curricular activities, and character

10 What is in a college application?  TEACHER Sends In:  Teacher Report  Tells the school how long the teacher has known the student and in what capacity. Asks teacher to evaluate you on everything from academic potential to your motivation to your character  Teacher Recommendation  Best teacher to represent student  Teachers often address strengths in class as well as positive qualities they have noticed outside of class

11 School Counselor Responsibilities REVIEW Be available by appointment to students and parents College Application Night: 9/30/14 Peabody College Fair Submit initial materials: Requested transcripts (Q1 grades included for regular decision deadlines) School profile Letter of recommendation Secondary School Report Form Send Mid-Yr. Grades (not Midyear exam grades) Send Midyear Explanation of Change form Send Final Transcripts

12 PARENT RESPONSIBILITIES Review Naviance- help child finalize a list of prospective schools Guide son/daughter in the application process (DO NOT DO THE APPLICATIONS FOR THEM!) Complete FAFSA and CSS Profile September 30 th is senior college app/financial aid night with CFS November 19 th MEFA financial aid night Be aware of Financial Aid deadlines/Scholarship deadlines Accompany son/daughter on college campus visits College Fair at Peabody High School: October 9 th 630-830pm in the field house Complete Parent Response form on Naviance If student is on an IEP be sure the plan and the required tests are all current within three years of application date - It is the student and parent responsibility to see that these tests are current.

13 NAVIANCE FAMILY CONNECTION  In case you missed it… Bernie Big Blue



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