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Step 4 SEARCHING Find Jobs, Careers, Calling Member Church Logo Goes Here.

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1 Step 4 SEARCHING Find Jobs, Careers, Calling Member Church Logo Goes Here

2 Workbook Page 7 Member Church Logo Goes Here

3 Find Jobs, Careers, Calling  All-the-Time Praying  Heart of man plans his way, Lord directs his steps  Rejoice always, pray without ceasing  Someone Who knows everyone  On-the-Ground Networking  85% jobs filled not public, personal referrals 42x better  Family, friends, work/school mates, recruiters, career groups, job fairs  Online Searching  Research  Job posting and networking sites  Posting resumes? Workbook Page 49 Member Church Logo Goes Here One eye for lookingOther eye for seeing

4 All-the-Time Praying  Dial 1-800-DEAR-GOD & ASK  Ask, and it shall be given to you  Seek, and you shall find  Knock, and shall be open to you  Hear and Follow God’s Calling  You are God’s workmanship  Created in Christ Jesus for good works  Which God prepared in advance for you to walk in  Be Joyful Always  Pray continually, give thanks in all circumstances  For this is God’s will for you in Christ Jesus Workbook Page 49 Member Church Logo Goes Here

5 On-the-Ground Networking  Network for Personal Referrals  42 times better to have personal referral than not  Over 50% of all jobs that get filled are not listed publically  Keep a networking log/database  4 Ways to Connect Direct  In-person – very personal  Phone – fast and personal  Email/web – very fast  Social networking websites  4 Ways to Connect through Others  Job support and networking groups  State Department of Labor career centers  Career/job fairs  Recruiters Workbook Pages 50-53 Member Church Logo Goes Here

6 On-the-Ground Networking  Connect by Phone  Begin with your name and the name of personal referral  Ask if good time to talk. Give them “elevator pitch”  Ask for referrals with “who do you know who…”  Listen, take notes and repeat back key points  Keep it short and sweet. Send “thank you” email  Connect by Email  Put “referred by” name in subject line  Start with referral name who suggested you connect  Ask for phone appointment  Connect in Person  Meet with your eyes, greet with smile and handshake, repeat their name  Start with referral, then seek to know and serve the other person  Share “elevator pitch” and ask for referrals  Follow-up with “thank you” by email and postal mail Workbook Page s 51-53 Member Church Logo Goes Here

7 Workbook Page 54-55 Member Church Logo Goes Here Your “Elevator Pitch” Networking Script  Always begin conversations easily  Focus on relationship building, and serving the other person  Share target employer/customer you seek to serve  Networking Script in 3 Parts  Part (1) Employer or customer needs that you are seeking to meet  Part (2) Selected strengths (experience, abilities, etc.) that meet their needs  Part (3) The value that employers/customers will receive from the work you do  Example  (1) I am seeking an educational organization needing finance, accounting and process improvement. (2) Offering 10 years college CFO experience (3) that achieved growth and substantial savings.

8 Workbook Page 54 Member Church Logo Goes Here Your “Elevator Pitch” Networking Cards & Online  Networking Card  The value you bring  Name and contact info  Occupation, industry and location  250 Free cards from  Networking Online  Join and set up free professional profile  Search for contacts by name of person, companies, groups  Connect with others and build your network online Your Name 505-555-1234 Find New Business Opportunities Marketing Research Director Computer Software Atlanta, GA

9 Workbook Page 57 Member Church Logo Goes Here Emails and Letters  Write 3 Types in Advance  Cover letter/email with resume  Request for meeting, information, contacts  Follow-up thank you notes  3 Parts to Every Email/Letter  Introduction using referral name and stating purpose  Your career brand/value, relevant experience and accomplishments  Make request/call-to-action and conclude with appreciation  Link to Free Help thru  Pongo’s cover letter builder, templates and samples  Get expert advice and guidance

10 Online Searching  Job Search Engines and Boards  is partnered with web’s biggest engine  is world’s largest Twitter job board  Browse wide variety of leading employer and job boards  Self employment sites:,,  Social Networking Sites  is world’s largest business network  has real time messaging to find and follow contacts  has 500+ million active users  Get & Use Your Own Email  Free from Google, Yahoo, Hotmail, more  Your email address with your name, nothing cute  Posting Resumes – Maybe Workbook Pages 56-57 Member Church Logo Goes Here

11 Keep On Keeping On – Step 4 to 5  Seek to Serve Others, Not Just Yourself  All-the-time prayer with positive attitude  Exercise love, power, discipline and forgiveness  Start or join networking teams – it’s better together  Combine Online Searching with On-the-Ground Networking  Use social media sites to bridge to email/phone/in-person connections  Stay focused on target opportunities and marketing your strengths  Keep one networking log or database for all contacts  Always keep your “elevator pitch” cards with you  Get Ready to Wow Interviewers in Step 5  Learn 4 steps for engaging interviews  Prepare for tests and references  Practice interview questions Workbook Page 59 Member Church Logo Goes Here

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