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Strategies to Get You Hired.  Search Yourself Know your skills, your values, your interests and how all these things have prepared you for the jobs you.

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1 Strategies to Get You Hired

2  Search Yourself Know your skills, your values, your interests and how all these things have prepared you for the jobs you want.  Research You need to know where to find these jobs, how they are advertised, and what the job requirements are.  Job Search Know how to market yourself, know what strategies are most effective, and be proactive! 3- Step Search

3  Catalog your skills from previous work experiences.  List what abilities your major has helped you develop.  Determine what transferable skills you may have from volunteer or internship experience.  Think about your interests. Search Yourself

4  Skills: Medical Front Office Procedures, Heavy Customer Service, High Volume Telephone Calls, Filing.  Abilities: Knowledge of Medical Billing, ICD-9/CPT coding, Managed Care Health System, Worker’s Compensation Regulations, Medicare/Medicaid Regulations, Personal Injury Claims.  Transferable Skills: Experience making collection calls.  Interests: Web Design. Self Search Profile: Anita Job

5  Study your field of interest and the kinds of jobs available in that field.  Research job titles.  Research where these jobs are found.  Know which employers offer these kinds of jobs.  Know the job requirements. Do Your Research

6  Professional Associations Visit Weddle’s at for a comprehensive Association  Informational Interviews This is a great to get the inside scoop from people who are actually working in the field you are interested in.  ONET Online Visit for career exploration and job Resources

7  Call to request a 30 minute meeting.  Prepare questions in advance.  Ask for referrals to others with information about the job or field you are interested in.  Thank them and offer to keep them informed. How to Conduct an Information Interview

8 Your Marketing Tool Kit  Have a professional resume and cover letter that highlights your strengths, abilities, and achievements.  Practice your interviewing skills.  Have professional interview attire.  Keep a log of your contacts. Marketing Yourself

9  Online Job Bank Databases Monster, Career Builder, USA Jobs.  Company Websites Many companies are posting job openings and accepting applications online.  Professional Association Websites  Classified Publications  CalWORKs Job Placement Website  One Stop Career Centers Harbor WorkSource Center310-732-5700 Career Transition Center562-570-3700 Gardena One Stop310-217-9579 Job Sources

10  Networking or personal referral.  Online professional networking groups such as LinkedIn.  Employers are looking for you on social media sites such Facebook and Twitter.  Targeted resume mailings.  Internal Advancement: Temp to Perm Volunteer Work (visit Internships (paid or unpaid) The Hidden Job Market

11 Create An Online Profile  Create a LinkedIn profile using information from your resume.  Post an appropriate and professional photo.  Update your status weekly.  Collect recommendations from faculty and co- workers.  Learn about employers using LinkedIn’s “advanced search” feature.  Join LinkedIn groups in your areas of interest.

12 Most Effective Strategies  A large percentage of jobs are the result of a personal referral. Inform everyone you know of your career goals. Seek information interviews. Attend professional association meetings and conferences and register with a student membership.  The easiest method may not be the most effective.  Avoid using only one method at a time.

13 Plot Your Plan of Action  Put your plan of action in writing.  Create a weekly schedule of job search tasks.  Carefully review job requirements. Don’t waste time applying for jobs you are not qualified for.  Keep up your momentum. One interview does not equal a job offer!

14  Share your progress with others.  Seek out a job hunting buddy. Someone you can share advice, support and resources with.  Reward yourself for your progress.  Seek a counselor or mentor if you lose your way. Maybe you need to re-evaluate your strategy.  Learn something you need to improve on from each disappointment. Remember to Stay Focused & Motivated

15 1.Have your marketing tool kit: resume, cover letter, references, interview skills. 2.Develop a network. 3.Catalog skills you need to improve on. 4.Be prepared: always have a business card or flashdrive with your resume at all times. 5.Watch your digital footprint. Top 10 Tips

16 6.Think outside the box. 7. Remember that your first job does not have to be your dream job. 8.Be proactive, not passive. 9.Expand the scope of work settings to consider. For example instead of for-profit consider non- profit. 10.Be persistent! Continued

17 Good Luck!

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