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Make the Most of The Career Fair WSU Vancouver Career Services (360) 546-9155.

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1 Make the Most of The Career Fair WSU Vancouver Career Services (360) 546-9155

2 Career and Internship Fair For Dates, Online Registration and Employer List of Previous Career and Internship Fairs visit: For Dates, Online Registration and Employer List of Previous Career and Internship Fairs visit: Campus Wide Career And Internship Fair Organized through Career Services: Spring (February) Business Department Organized Fairs Meet The Firms Accounting and Finance: Fall (September) Meet The Firms Professional Sales: Fall (December)

3 Why do employers attend? ► They are recruiting for available jobs or internships or volunteer positions in their organization ► To increase awareness of their business or organization ► To develop relationships with a University and their community

4 Why should students/alumni attend? ► As part of a job or internship search ► To learn more about local employers ► In order to network with recruiters and develop a relationship with a targeted employer ► Practice professional behavior ► All students are encouraged to attend even if they are not currently looking for a job or internship

5 Some Statistics ► According to an informal online poll conducted by NACE ( National Association of Colleges and Employers)  41 percent of employer respondents said that less than 25 percent of students are adequately prepared for career fairs.  Twenty-eight percent of respondents said that between 25 and 50 percent of students are adequately prepared for career fairs.  Another 19 percent believe between 51 and 75 percent of students are adequately prepared

6 Preparation is Key ► Employers say that many of the students they see at career fairs don't do the preparation necessary to take full advantage of the opportunity that career fairs provide. ► "Many students tend to wander around at career fairs, which is okay if they are freshmen, but I would expect more from higher-level students," she explains. "The career fair should be used as a way to get in front of a company."

7 Target Employers ► Students should focus on specific companies because their time at a career fair is limited. ► "If [students] have done their homework, they can target specific companies that look like they could be a fit," she says. "For example, a student may be able to tell by a company's web site whether or not they hire an engineer or a business student. Why should they waste their time at [an employer] that doesn't hire students from their major?"

8 Research Employers ► Employers are impressed by students who have done their homework and engage them in dialogue that is somewhat specific to their company and industry. ► Review the employer list for the fair in advance at This list is updated continuously so be sure to review several times in the weeks before the event.

9 ► Learn which companies are coming ► Research companies of interest – review the company mission or core values. Learn about characteristics of their workforce. Try searching  Company Website  Business News  Websites such as Vault and Hoover’s Before the Fair

10 What to Expect ► A room(FSC), with rows of company tables. ► You will have to approach employers ► It will be crowded, some tables will have lines. It may be loud. Be prepared to speak loudly and clearly.

11 Plan Your Strategy ► Plan to arrive at the beginning of the event- this will enable you to meet with every company in which you're interested. ► Survey the layout of the event, and prioritize the employers with whom you'd like to speak. ► Identify the information you want to get from them, and specify your goals. ► Start by approaching organizations that have a lower priority, to get your feet wet and gain confidence.

12 Resume ► Bring copies in a nice folder. ► Make sure you have an error free resume that is targeted to the types of positions you are seeking. Have it reviewed in advance! ► Expect that employers will still require you to apply through their official online process.

13 Make a Great First Impression ► Set your self apart with a professional appearance ► Many attendees wear what they would wear to an interview ► Don’t chew gum, eat or drink while talking to employers ► Have an introduction and questions ready for your interaction

14 Prepare a quick Introduction A solid and friendly introduction  Hand shake, eye contact  Name, year and major and area of career interest. ► What appeals to you about the company ► The job or career field you are interested in pursuing ► Practice this a couple of times with someone before the event.

15 Be Prepared to Ask Questions ► Have one or two questions in mind for each of the employers in which you are interested ► Can be about:  Career paths for entry level employees  WSU Alumni  Company / Department Goals  Industry changes ► Don’t  Ask Personal Questions  Bring up sensitive topics  Monopolize too much of the employer’s time

16 Tips ► Collect Business Cards ► Take time to make notes of your discussion after you finish speaking with each company, before you move on. ► Write down the name of the recruiter that you speak with if no business cards. ► You will use the notes and names you write down in follow up contact so don’t skip this step!

17 Other Tips ► Don't randomly hand out resumes ► If the company representative works in a different field, be sure to leave with the contact information for the person responsible for hiring in your area ► Be professional at all times. The person you meet in the parking lot, elevator, hallway, or restroom may be a recruiter you'll see later that day.

18 Follow Up ► Email a thank you to all the employers you spoke with.  thank the recruiter for their time  restate your interest and qualifications for the position  reiterate your interest in an interview ► Attach a resume to your follow up email or thank you note ► Apply Online through company website

19 Career Services at WSU Vancouver  Career Counseling  Graduate School Decision-making and applications  Career and Major Exploration  Career Assessments  Job Search Strategies  Mock Interviews  Resume and Cover Letter Review To make an appointment call 360-546-9155 Or stop by the Student Resource Center

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