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Human Services Practicum

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1 Human Services Practicum
Cover Letters Human Services Practicum

2 What is a Cover Letter? Cover Letter
A letter of inquiry or introduction that introduces you to a prospective employer EVERY RESUME YOU SUBMIT SHOULD HAVE A MATCHING COVER LETTER It is your first impression Highlights your most important qualifications Emphasizes how those qualifications can meet the employer’s needs

3 Why Write a Cover Letter?
Essential part of the job search Capture your future employer’s attention in a few lines Express interest in the job Make the reader want to know more Show employers why and how your skills can be useful Demonstrate your abilities

4 Three Types of Cover Letters
Application Cover Letter Applicant responds to advertised opening Prospecting Cover Letter Applicant asks about possible job openings Networking Cover Letter Job seeker contacts member of network to request information or assistance with the job search

5 What does a cover letter look like?
Brief 4-5 paragraphs No more than one page

6 What to include in a cover letter?
Your name, address and contact info at the top Date Employers Name, title and address Salutation

7 Other Possible Layouts
Have your address formatted in the same font/style as your resume.

8 What to include in a cover letter?
The Opening Introduce yourself and state your purpose Mention the position you are applying for Explain how or where you heard about it Why are you interested in the organization State the type of job you are seeking (or use title from the job listing) Mention any earlier communications Mention any networking contacts

9 Sample Opening I am writing to express my interest in securing a __________ position with your company, in response to your job posting in the Commercial Appeal. I am currently employed as a _______________ at __________. I am interested in joining your team at the ________________ as a ______________. I believe that my experience with _______ will strongly benefit your company.

10 What to include in a cover letter?
The Sales Pitch Heart of your letter What do you have to offer? Why are you qualified for the job? 2-4 descriptions of your capabilities and accomplishments that show you can handle the job Be truthful Refer to the job description or something you know about the organizations activities Demonstrates initiative and interest in company Write 1-3 short paragraphs or use a bulleted list to highlight the qualifications you want to emphasize

11 Sample Sales Pitch As a ____________, I come to you with a solid understanding of (job skills) I can offer your company …. With experiences in (previous jobs), I feel that my qualifications will match your requirements for the (list new job). Through my previous employment, I have learned to (job skills). I recently graduated from high school with a ____ GPA and will be continuing on to college to major in ______________.

12 What to include in a cover letter?
The Closing Ask for a meeting or an interview – NOT A JOB Indicate how and when you will follow up State that your resume is enclosed Include a courteous sentence that expresses appreciation or thanks.

13 Sample Closing My resume is enclosed for your review. I would appreciate meeting with you to discuss the possibility of our working together. I will call you on Thursday to check on your availibility, or you may reach me at I would welcome the opportunity to contribute to the exceptional community outreach efforts of the Department of Disease prevention. Thank you for your consideration.

14 Cover Letter Tips Don’t duplicate the wording in your resume
Be positive – BRAG ON YOURSELF Write clearly and concisely Don’t use overblown or empty words to describe your abilities. Be truthful Emphasize your skills as a team player Incorporate specialized terminology Do your research on the organization/job Read the letter aloud

15 Bad Cover Letter Never express disinterest in current job or mention salaries.

16 Customize the Content Every cover letter MUST be customized for the job and company you are interested in. Have a master cover letter then add details to personalize it to match the job title, job objectives and requirements.

17 EDIT, EDIT, EDIT Check the letter thoroughly to be sure it is typo free and information is accurate. Writing cover letters can take time Let someone else read your cover letter who will give you honest criticism.

18 Address the Letter Appropriately
Use Ms. For a woman. Never address your cover letter “To Whom It May Concern” FIND THE PERSON’S NAME Call the target employer and get the name of person in human resources Search the organizations website for contact information Last resort, send cover letter and resume to Hiring Manager, Department Head or Human Resources Department.

19 Cover Letters If you are ing your attached resume, a cover letter type message will be included in the body of the .

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