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Advertising Ch. 19 ME. Advertising Media Section 19.1.

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1 Advertising Ch. 19 ME

2 Advertising Media Section 19.1

3  Two Main Types of Advertising: Promotional & Institutional  Promotional Advertising – is when the goal is to increase sales  Targets: consumers or business-to-business customers  Institutional Advertising – tries to create a favorable image for a company and foster goodwill in the marketplace Promotional & Institutional Advertising

4  Mass Advertising – enables companies to reach large numbers of people with their messages  Targeted Advertising – using technology to target messages to select audiences Mass Advertising vs. Targeted Advertising

5  Media – are the agencies, means, or instruments used to convey advertising messages to the public  Four General Categories:  Print  Broadcast  Online  Specialty Types of Media

6  Is one of the oldest and most effective types of advertising  The general categories are:  Newspaper  Magazine  Direct Mail  Directory  Outdoor  Transit Print Media

7  Newspapers  Continue to be an important advertising outlet for many consumer- oriented products and services  Provides a timely way for companies to reach their target audiences  Offer a variety of options for the size, location, and frequency of insertion of ads  Magazines  Are distributed locally, regionally, or nationally  Trade publications interest professionals in specific fields  Have a longer lifespan than newspapers, since people tend to keep for longer periods of time Print Media

8  Direct Mail  Is a highly focused form of advertising  Two types – mailed to home or electronic  Takes on many forms  Directory  Best Example – Telephone Directory  Yellow Pages – business pay for an alphabetical listing and/or display ad  Usually kept for a period of one year Print Media

9  Outdoor  Two Types:  Non-standardized – are used by companies at their place of business or in other location throughout community  Standardized – are purchased from advertising companies and are provided only in standard sizes  Is highly visible and relatively inexpensive  Transit  Can be found on public transportation vehicles and locations  Reaches a wide, and sometimes captive, audience Print Media

10  Broadcast Media – encompasses radio and television; spanning a lifetime of over 70 years  The average person will spend nearly ten years watching television and almost six years listening to the radio Broadcast Media

11  Television  Is the ultimate advertising medium for many businesses because it can combine all the creative elements necessary – sight, sound, action and color – to produce a compelling advertising message  Is a very effective medium for demonstrating a product’s features and benefits  Most commercial are between 30- and 60-seconds; exception is infomercials  High production costs Broadcast Media

12  Radio  More than 10,000 AM and FM radio stations reach 96 percent of all people age 12 and over in a given week  An extremely efficient and cost-effective advertising medium  Is a mobile medium that can be heard just about anywhere  Can carefully target audience when selecting the station on which to broadcast advertisement  Are presented in 10-, 20-, 30-, or 60-second time periods  Products and services can only be described, not seen  Catchy jingles are important  Have a short life-span Broadcast Media

13  Online Advertising – is a form of advertising that uses either e- mail or the World Wide Web  Banner Ads – comes in a variety of shapes and sizes, but is usually a rectangle seen at the top, bottom, or side of a Web page  Button Ads – similar to banner, but smaller in size and are places in a strategic position on a Web page  Pop-Up Ads – are TV-like sports that pop up between Web pages and are inserted in audio or video streams, either live or on-demand Online Advertising

14  Specialty Media (Giveaways) – are relatively inexpensive, useful items featuring and advertiser’s name or logo  Items must be practical, used frequently, and placed in locations with high visibility  Distribution is limited Specialty Media

15  Media Planning – is the process of selecting the advertising media and describing that time or space in which the ads should appear to accomplish a marketing objective Media Planning

16 Media Measurement & Rates 1.Section 19.2

17 Media Measurement

18 Media Rates



21 Promotional Budget

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