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Chef 1 Mountlake Terrace High

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1 Chef 1 Mountlake Terrace High
Quick Breads Chef 1 Mountlake Terrace High

2 What is a Quick Bread? A bread made from a batter or dough Examples:
that uses leavening agents (rather than yeast), requires minimum handling and should be baked immediately after being formed. Examples: Coffeecake, Muffins, Banana Bread, Scones, Crepes, Waffles, Pancakes

3 Quick Bread Category #1: BATTER
Two different kinds: Thin (also called POUR batters) have a large amount of liquid and small amount of flour Examples: waffles, pancakes, crepes Stiff (also called DROP batters) Have a high proportion of flour and you can drop them from a spoon Example: muffins

4 Quick Bread Category #2: DOUGH
Have even higher proportion of flour. They are stiff enough to shape by hand Example: scones

5 LEAVENING AGENTS The most common leavening agents found in quick breads are: Baking Soda Baking Powder Leavening Gases Steam (water, vapor) Air (from whipping eggs) Carbon Dioxide (released by yeast)

6 What else helps form quick breads?
All quick breads, regardless of type, contain the basic ingredients listed below. Each of these ingredients contributes a particular characteristic to the bread and has a specific purpose. On your worksheet - match the purpose to the ingredient. Flour Leavening Salt Fat Liquid Egg Sugar

7 Answers: Flour: forms the structure or body of the bread
Leavening: enables quick bread to rise, so that it becomes light and porous Salt: improves flavor Fat: provides tenderness Liquid: dissolves dry ingredients, adds to flavor and browning quality Egg: contributes color, texture, and nutritive value Sugar: contributes sweetness and the golden brown crust

8 Quick Bread Preparation
There are two preparation techniques for combining quick bread ingredients. Muffin Method Biscuit Method a. MEASURE DRY INGREDIENTS/ MAKE WELL a. MEASURE & MIX DRY INGREDIENTS b. POUR IN COMBINED LIQUID INGREDIENTS b. CUT IN FAT c. STIR UNTIL MOISTENED c. ADD LIQUID, STIR INTO A BALL d. DROP INTO PAN d. KNEAD 8 TO 10 TIMES

9 Quick breads should be mixed…
Which is correct? Quick breads should be mixed… (a) quickly with minimum handling or (b) thoroughly Answer? A – quickly. Why do you think this is? - Write your idea down - Share with the person next to you - Be prepared to share with the class

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