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Quick Breads Foods 1.

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1 Quick Breads Foods 1

2 What are Quick Breads? Flour mixture made with fast acting leavening agents.

3 Where did corn cakes get their origin?
Colonists were taught by the Indians to use corn in a cake. Johnny cakes (also corn cakes) were originally called “journey cakes” because Hunters took them on their “journeys”.

4 How did “hush puppies” get their name?
Hunters used leftover corn cakes to keep dogs quiet.

5 How are quick breads cooked?
Quick breads are cooked three different ways: Baked Deep fat fried Griddle cooked Classified as: Batters Doughs

6 Batters: A mixture of flour and liquid
Pour batters: Thin consistency Pancakes Waffles Popovers

7 Drop batters Fairly thick and sticky Muffins Biscuits Coffee cake

8 Dough: Flour mixture has less liquid and is stiffer.
Thick enough to roll and shape Biscuits Doughnuts Scones

9 7 ingredients usually found in “Quick Breads”
Flour –gives structure or body Leavening –adds air to make light Salt –to improve flavor Fat –gives tenderness Liquid –dissolves dry ingredients, amount determines type of batter or dough Sugar –sweetness Eggs –color, texture and nutrients

10 What is gluten? When water is mixed with flour gluten is formed to give strength and elasticity to dough Some people have an allergy to gluten and there are many new products on the market available to them.

11 Leavening agents Baking powder Baking soda mixed with an acid
Buttermilk Vinegar Lemon juice The soda in baking powder reacts with acid forming carbon dioxide

12 10 Nutrients found in Quick Breads
Carbohydrate Protein Iron Potassium Calcium Niacin Thiamin Riboflavin Phosphorus Fat

13 Muffin Method Sift dry ingredients in one bowl
Mix liquids together in separate bowl Pour liquids into dry ingredients Mix lightly only until dry ingredients are moist/lumpy DO NOT OVERMIX

14 Biscuit Method Sift dry ingredients in a bowl
Cut in the fat with pastry blender Add liquid all at once Knead dough lightly Roll dough to desired thickness

15 Storing Quick Breads Store in a tight container or seal in moist-proof wrap. To prevent drying out.

16 Quick bread convenience items “mixes”
Advantages Short prep time Ready to serve Disadvantages Cost more No standards for grading quality

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