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Quick Breads.

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1 Quick Breads

2 Quick Breads products that have a bread- or cake-like texture but do not contain yeast. For example: pancakes, biscuits, muffins, scones, waffles, soda breads.

3 Typical Ingredients Flour-foundation of quick breads- provides structure Eggs –provide added volume and structure; a natural leavener Fat –keep baked products moist and tender; aids in creaming/mixing Sugar -improve flavor and color; also aids in creaming Salt –strengthens gluten and enhances flavor Leavening agent –allow quick breads to leaven, or rise Liquid –adds moisture; allows dry ingredients to be blended into a batter or dough; helps produce gluten

4 Quick breads are produced by one of three methods:
Biscuit Method Cut the fat into dry ingredients (Flour, sugar, salt and leavening agent then add liquids (liquid and eggs).

5 Blending Method Combine liquid, sugar, fat and eggs
then add dry ingredients.

6 Creaming Method Mix sugar and shortening add eggs
add the dry and liquid ingredients alternately

7 Types of quick breads Dough-thicker in consistency; they can be rolled and cut into shapes prior to baking. Examples: Batters-either a pour batter or drop batter Pour batters vary in consistency. Examples: Drop batters are so thick they need to be scraped or dropped from a portion or ice cream scoop to the cookware. Examples

8 Loaf breads are made from a drop batter or a very thick pour batter.
Baking powder is the chemical leavening agent used. The baked product should: Have a uniform texture Have a crust that is lightly browned, but not thick Be moist and tender, not tough and dry Have rounded tops with a split down the center

9 Mixing Time spent mixing loaf bread batter is crucial. Under mixing will result in a lumpy batter with dry pockets of flour. Over mixing will overdevelop the gluten resulting in a tough product with tunnels. MIX lightly and only long enough to blend all the ingredients.

10 Flavor Adding nuts, berries, banana, pumpkin, etc. can alter the flavor.

11 Leavenings substance that causes dough and batter to rise.
Double acting baking powder or baking soda are the most common Purchase in the smallest unit possible—they will deteriorate. Store in air-tight containers and keep in a cool, dry place.

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