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Quick Breads.

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1 Quick Breads

2 Quick Breads include Fritters Biscuits Crepes

3 Muffins Popovers Pancakes Waffles

4 Coffee Cakes and Breads leavened with baking powder

5 Quick Breads are: Baked products Made from batters & doughs Batters
Preparation of cakes, cookies & pies are different than breads and will be discussed in later labs Made from batters & doughs These are mixtures of Flour liquids Batters Thin liquids to stiff liquids Doughs Are stiff enough to shape by hand or rolled

6 Classifications of Quick Breads
Pancakes Popovers waffles Pour Batters: 1 part liquid : 1 part flour ********************************************************************************************* Drop Batters: 1 part liquid : 2 parts flour Drop Biscuits Some muffins ********************************************************************************************* Soft Dough: 1 part liquid : 3 parts flour Rolled Biscuits ********************************************************************************************* 1 part liquid : 4 parts flour Rolled cookies Pastry-pie crust Stiff Dough:

7 Quick Bread Ingredients
FLOUR Most made from: white wheat all-purpose (ap or AP) self-rising Provides Structure Flour Form gases & make baked products rise Leavening Agents Chemical reaction before & during baking release carbon dioxide gas Hydrate (cause protein & starch in flour to absorb water) Moistens & dissolves ingredients Needed to form gluten Liquids

8 More Ingredients Fats contributes to structure Tenderizing Agent Eggs
Traps air bubbles & holds them Separates layers Aids leavening Browns Breaks strands of gluten Fats Tenderizing Agent Eggs contributes to structure Incorporates air Adds color, flavor Gives elasticity

9 Even More Ingredients Sugar Flavors Salt Flavors Sweetens Tenderizes
Helps for a brown crust Brown sugar moistens Salt Flavors Preserves

10 Ingredients Other Change Flavor raisins Chocolate chips dates oatmeal
Apricots, apple sauce, bananas Texture raisins Extracts & Flavorings Chocolate chips dates oatmeal prunes nuts Dried & Candied fruit

11 Be sure to use the right ingredient & Measure accurately
2. Baking Powder if too much carbon dioxide is produced the product will collapse if too little carbon the product will be small & compact 1. Baking Soda neutralizes acids so they do not have a bitter taste Buttermilk Molasses brown sugar Vinegar Honey Applesauce or other fruit and citrus juices Needs an acid to activate

12 Two types of ingredients
Tougheners (strengtheners) Flour Whole egg Egg white Water milk Tenderizers (weakeners) Fat Sugar Egg yolk acid

13 Gluten A protein that gives strength and elasticity to batters & doughs Gives structure to baked products Holds the leavening gases that make quick breads rise If over mixed, it will cause dough to become compact & tough

14 Mixing Methods One bowl Creaming Method Muffin mixing method
Biscuit method

15 One Bowl Mixing Method Single-stage, one-mix
Add all ingredients into the bowl and mix

16 Conventional Cake/ Creaming Method
Cream together sugar and fat Add beaten eggs to creamed mixture Add dry ingredients alternately with the wet ingredients, beginning and ending with dry ingredients Fold in any flavorings, fruits, or nuts

17 Muffin Mixing Method Sometimes referred to as the two-bowl mixing method Mix dry ingredients in bowl Make a “well” in the center In a separate bowl, combine all the liquid Pour liquid mixture into the “well” and stir until moistened Minimum amount of mixing Over mixing causes overdevelopment of gluten resulting in peaks and tunnels

18 Biscuit Method Mix dry ingredients together in a bowl
Cut-in fat using pastry blender Blend until mixture is coarse Add liquid all at once and stir until dough forms a ball Use curved bottom bowl Cutting in causes layers to form through dough

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